Lam Research Corporation Announces Multiple TeresTM CMP System Order From Amd For 0.18 Micron STI Direct-Polish
July 07, 1999

Lam Research Corporation Announces Multiple TeresTM CMP System Order From Amd For 0.18 Micron STI Direct-Polish FREMONT, Calif., July 7, 1999 - Lam Research Corporation (Nasdaq: LRCX), a leading supplier of wafer fabrication equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry, today announced a multi-system order from AMD for its Teres integrated chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and post-CMP cleaning system. AMD’s leading-edge Fab 25 in Austin, Texas, is qualifying the initial system for 0.18 micron shallow trench isolation (STI) for AMD AthlonTM processor production. Subsequent systems will add capacity at AMD’s Fab 25 and will be used for advanced CMP applications in AMD’s Submicron Development Center in Sunnyvale, California.

AMD selected Lam’s Teres for 0.18 micron STI direct-polish production and next-generation development because of its superior process performance, flexibility, and control as well as its industry-leading manufacturability. Fab 25’s initial Teres system achieved a mean time between failure (MTBF) exceeding 200 hours during its evaluation and after its production release. AMD achieved excellent within-die and across-wafer uniformity as well as very low defect densities.

Teres’ proprietary design, which incorporates Lam’s Linear Planarization Technology (LPTTM) and an air bearing platen for uniformity control, makes radial control of uniformity possible. The ability to control uniformity independent of down force provides exceptional process optimization flexibility.

According to Dr. Willy Krusell, Lam’s vice president, CMP/Cleaning Engineering/Technology, “AMD has been recognized as one of the leading CMP production operations in the industry, and we are pleased to be working with an industry leader in CMP development to bring advanced CMP applications to production. We knew we had great technology for next-generation wafer processing CMP; working with AMD has helped us move Teres from the lab to a production-worthy CMP environment.”

Gary Heerssen, group vice president of Wafer Manufacturing at AMD stated, “Teres will enable us to advance our manufacturing technology and significantly simplify our manufacturing flow by implementing STI direct-polish.”

“Teres is a technical breakthrough. The linear approach and the air bearing platen enable dramatic improvements in process capability due to its superior planarity and process controls,” added Mike Brooks, CMP manager for AMD’s Fab 25.

Jeremy Lansford, an AMD manager, addressed Teres’ manufacturability, “We are impressed by Teres’ exceptional cost of ownership. The low cost is driven by the combination of outstanding reliability, fast consumables changes, and a cost-effective carrier design. With more than 5,000 wafers polished on the Teres so far, the MTBF approaches 300 hours, and the system hasn’t broken a wafer. Teres is setting a new standard for reliability among advanced CMP systems.”

Dr. Chris Raeder, member of the technical staff at AMD’s Fab 25, commented, “Teres marries a revolutionary polisher with Lam’s industry-leading chemical-compatible scrubber to achieve process results not possible on a hard platen polisher. The modular design makes the system extendible into future technology generations and wafer sizes.”

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