Lam Research Corporation Announces Integrated Metrology Program For CMP
October 15, 2001

Lam Research Corporation Announces Integrated Metrology Program For CMP FREMONT, Calif., October 15, 2001 - Lam Research Corporation (Nasdaq: LRCX), Fremont, Calif., today announced an ongoing program to integrate metrology for next-generation CMP processes. The first product in this program integrates Sensys Instruments' (Santa Clara, Calif.) CMSTM broadband optical metrology system on Lam's Teres product family. Development work began more than a year ago, and extensive metrology verification and reliability testing have now been completed. Integrating the CMS system on Teres will leverage Teres' superior tuning capability to improve yield and productivity for advanced processes-and will enable the advanced process control (APC) required for next-generation processes.

Sensys' "dry" in-line metrology system can take pre-CMP and post-polish/clean measurements at any number of specific die locations, thereby complementing Teres' in situ broadband optical endpoint detection (EPD) technology. The CMS system incorporates a broadband UV technology and industry-leading pattern recognition. Dedicated optics and the use of both large- and small-field-of-view cameras lead to high reliability. Sensys' software architecture provides easier implementation of run-to-run control of Teres.

"We chose Sensys for its superior technology and technical expertise-involving experience with leading metrology equipment suppliers-which we will leverage in developing next-generation metrology solutions," stated Kevin Crofton, general manager for Lam's CMP/Clean Products Group.

Teres allows tuning of several key process parameters, including multi-zone radial profile tuning using an air bearing platen and the decoupling of down force and profile control. These unique Teres capabilities enable the system to take advantage of integrated metrology data to make localized adjustments that improve yield without impacting planarity performance. By using full wafer metrology data, key equipment parameters can be tuned to enable true APC.

According to Talat Hasan, President and CEO of Sensys, "The powerful combination of Teres' broadband EPD technology and Sensys' advanced high-throughput, high-precision integrated metrology will ensure Teres is the most productive CMP system in the industry."

Integrated metrology improves productivity by eliminating the delays of off-line metrology to inspect wafers before and after CMP. It also reduces the potential loss of subsequent wafers being processed while waiting for metrology results. Any required CMP rework can be completed while the wafer is still being handled by the Teres system. High throughput allows for more frequent inspection of incoming wafers, without sacrificing productivity-a key advantage for 300 mm.

The CMS integrated metrology option is available for both the 200 mm and 300 mm Teres systems. This common 200/300 module is fully integrated inside the CMP system to retain Teres' small footprint.

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