Lam Research Corporation Advances CMP Edge Control With New XD™ Platen
November 05, 2001

Lam Research Corporation Advances CMP Edge Control With New XD™ Platen

New technology enables higher yields by extending process control capability to within 2 mm of the wafer's edge.

FREMONT, Calif., November 5, 2001 - Lam Research Corporation (Nasdaq: LRCX) today introduced the new XD (eXtra Die) Platen for Lam's 200 mm Teres® CMP system. The advanced technology extends reliable control for CMP processes to within 2 mm of the wafer's edge, enabling higher yields. Within-wafer nonuniformity of less than 3 percent with 2 mm edge exclusion has been routinely demonstrated.

According to Dr. Chris Raeder, senior member, technical staff, at AMD's Fab 25, "Teres has always provided superior center-to-edge process control because of the platen's radial tuning capability, which we employed extensively to develop a robust direct STI process. Now, we are using the new platen to improve die yield."

"Achieving CMP process control at the wafer's edge is difficult because of local variations in incoming film thickness profiles. In addition, polish pad compression and rebound characteristics change at the wafer's edge, further complicating local control of material removal. The new XD Platen design extends the patented technology of Teres' air bearing platen to overcome these issues," stated Rod Kistler, managing director of technology for Lam's CMP/Clean Products Group.

"Overcoming the integration challenges posed by copper-low k processes not only requires superior edge control but also the ability to decouple removal rate and planarization from within-wafer nonuniformity. Pairing advanced edge control technology with Teres' well-known ability to customize removal profiles extends integration capability beyond the 70 nanometer node," Kistler added.

The XD Platen is available as an upgrade to installed 200 mm Teres systems and is available for new products shipping from Lam's factory.

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