Lam Research Corporation Achieves Productivity Breakthrough for Integrated SAC Etch
January 21, 2002

Lam Research Corporation Achieves Productivity Breakthrough for Integrated SAC Etch FREMONT, Calif., January 21, 2002—Lam Research Corporation (Nasdaq: LRCX) today announced a productivity breakthrough for integrated (in situ) self-aligned contact (SAC) etch. Results of a customer evaluation showed etch rates of at least 30 percent higher than rates for the 3 competing systems also tested—while retaining the high corner nitride selectivity required. The capability is achieved on Lam's Exelan® High Performance dielectric etch system with Dual Frequency ConfinedTM (DFCTM) technology, the industry's only fully confined plasma technology.

Lam offers the only completely integrated SAC etch process, which combines SAC etch, resist strip, and etch stop layer removal—all in one chamber—instead of 3 separate chambers. Integrated processing provides a significant cost-of-ownership advantage in addition to superior performance.

According to Jeff Marks, Lam's vice president of dielectric etch, "Customers are just beginning to realize the benefits of integrated processing. Previously, the mixing of process steps in situ was believed too complex and difficult to control for production; now, we have developed technology that addresses these concerns. We expect integrated processing to become an industry-wide trend over the next couple of years."

Lam's unique DFC technology and a low residence time reactor design allow a wide process window that enables high throughput, high selectivity, and integrated process capability. Lam's DFC technology also enables Clean ModeTM operation, preventing chamber wall contamination and memory effects for consistent performance. It also allows for an in situ clean after each wafer, Waferless AutocleanTM, significantly increasing the mean time between clean for high productivity.

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A 0.20-micron self-aligned contact structure
with greater than 20:1 corner nitride selectivity.