Lam Wins Editors' Choice Best Product Award
July 10, 2006

FREMONT, Calif., July 10, 2006—Lam Research Corporation (NASDAQ: LRCX) today announced that its 2300 Versys Kiyo has been selected for the prestigious Editors' Choice Best Product Award.

The award, which will be presented to 20 winners by Semiconductor International magazine on July 12, honors the industry's top products for superior production performance and significant contributions to semiconductor manufacturing. The manufacturing excellence of winning products is validated by customer testimonials as part of the selection process.

"We're honored to receive this award," stated Nick Bright, executive vice president, Regional Business and Global Products, "and to be validated by our customers for the high level of trust and satisfaction they have in the 2300 Versys Kiyo. Kiyo's proprietary tuning technologies enable real-time control of processes, a capability that is becoming increasingly important with each technology node, particularly at 65 nm and below. Together with the system's unique ability to control the process environment, these capabilities have enabled our customers to achieve their performance goals while maintaining high productivity for some of their most critical processes in the fab."

"Advances in semiconductor technology are only possible because of the kinds of products being honored in this year's Editors' Choice Best Product Awards program," said Pete Singer, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor International. "Chipmakers rely on these products to create electronics that are smarter, smaller, faster, less expensive, and more reliable. We congratulate the people and the companies that have had the insight and fortitude to bring these products to the market."

The 2300 Versys Kiyo silicon etch system is in production or development at major semiconductor manufacturers in DRAM, Logic, and NAND Flash production in all regions served by Lam. It is employed in a wide range of critical front end silicon etch applications on 200 mm and 300 mm wafers for technology nodes from 90 nm to sub-65 nm.

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