Building on the Momentum of Our Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives
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Dec 7, 2020

At Lam, we aspire to build a culture where every employee – at every level and function – can contribute to an environment where people of diverse backgrounds feel valued, included, and empowered to achieve their full potential. Since joining the company, we have made progress in building a workplace that is diverse and a culture that is inclusive. In the latter half of this year, for the first time, we disclosed global figures for our female executives and introduced inclusion and diversity (I&D) trainings for our global workforce.

Building on the momentum of our milestones in I&D as well as Global Diversity Awareness month, the company dedicated the month of October to strengthening our culture of inclusion. Our robust set of programs included Motivational Mondays (promoting inspirational stories about the benefits of inclusion and diversity), ERG Wednesdays (providing a platform for Employee Resource Groups to speak about their progress), and conversations with diversity and inclusion experts.

Here are a few key learnings from our Global Diversity Awareness Month engagements.

1. Allyship is the practice of actively promoting a culture of inclusion through positive, conscious efforts, is initiated, and continually practiced, by the person in the advantaged position. Interested in learning more about allyship? Find tools here

2. It’s okay to recognize and acknowledge someone’s difference, as long you don’t make them feel lesser. Read this article by our training partner, Stephen Young, to learn more.

3. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can be the heart of any organization. Leaders and managers should tap ERGs for employee development, voice of employee feedback sessions, and other business drivers connected to employee and customer engagement.

4. A culture of inclusion is rooted in respect. You need to practice inclusion every day. Post this infographic from Catalyst to remind yourself of everyday inclusion practices.

5. It is important for every person to feel valued, included, and empowered to achieve their full potential. Learn how we are creating a culture of inclusion in our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

We are building a workplace where people can perform at their best by strengthening I&D awareness, connecting to diverse communities within our organization, integrating I&D processes, and planning for our future success. Diversity and inclusion is a never-ending journey, and we remain steadfast in fostering a stronger, more inclusive culture at Lam.