Celebrating Our Global Commitments to STEM Programs
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Nov 4, 2019

On National STEM Day, we celebrate our worldwide programs that inspire young people’s passion for math and science education. Catch a glimpse of some of the global STEM initiatives we invest in to inspire the next generation of scientists, and ultimately, support the future success of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Blending STEM Education with Career Development at SEMI High Tech U

SEMI High Tech U Korea, a three-day science and human resource development program for middle schoolers, provided 27 students a sneak peek into the semiconductor industry.

Students were given the opportunity to tour semiconductor production lines and listen to lectures by industry experts. One of our very own data scientists led a talk in semiconductors and statistics, and Christine Yoo, a manager of HR in Lam Research Korea, joined the program as an interviewer to provide students with job interview tips and career path advice. “We hope this will help students studying semiconductors focus more on their studies and grow into people who will lead the future of the industry and help the next generation find their path,” said Christine.

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Partnering with the Taiwan Museum of Science and Technology to Inspire Children

For two years now, Lam has collaborated with the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in a bid to inspire childrens’ imaginations and cultivate their passion for coding.​ In June, Lam kicked off this three-part STEM education series with a programming event that afforded students the opportunity to assemble and write programs for the chip-controlled “Hi Robot.”

In July, Lam’s “Robotic Workshop” educated more than 90 students in artificial intelligence and robotics. With nine Lam employees supporting this activity, students had the opportunity to gain mBOT robot hands-on experience and explore the mBlock graphical programming language.

One of Lam’s senior site managers said, “As a member in the high tech industry, we should work out a simple way to introduce the new technologies to our next generation. Many industries will be digitized in the future, and this activity plays a role to help children foresee that future.”

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Continued STEM Inspiration in Austria

In Villach, Lam’s work in STEM extends beyond the classroom and into the workplace. This year, female employees in Austria participated in a cross-company mentoring program in collaboration with Business Frauen Center. Here, Lam participants were provided with a mentor in a STEM field that provided them with insights to navigate their careers.

“I joined the program to speed up my transition from single contributor to people manager,” said Angela Hecke, an engineering manager at Lam. “The mentoring program has a duration of one year, which is sufficient time to try out new strategies, review the results and discuss the next steps. The learning curve is much faster than if I would need to figure out every solution approach on my own.”

To learn more about Lam’s commitment to STEM and other community-based initiatives, check out the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.