Celebrating World Book Day
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May 28, 2019

We have always encouraged our employees to imagine the unimaginable. With a company-wide monthly book series and an online library, we help employees cultivate their creative and innovative minds. To celebrate World Book Day in April, we got our employees and our local communities in Taiwan reading with us!

Taiwan Partners with the National Central Library

Since 2016, Lam has sponsored activities at the National Central Library’s “Four Season Reading” program in Taiwan and this year was no different. The general public, students, and employees were invited to listen to professionals lecture about specific areas of study and learn more about the presenters’ favorite books.

Taiwan Bolsters a Reading Culture

In April, our employees in Taiwan attended a lecture featuring Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. The book explored the intellectual and cultural consequences of the internet and questioned whether or not the act of reading on digital devices restricts the depth of our thinking.

Kevin Liu, an account program manager, expressed that “my brain feels like it’s gradually becoming numb because I mostly read on my phone. I noticed that my patience, attention span, and even memory are declining.” After finishing the lecture, Kevin decided to return to hardcopy reading material and set a goal to complete one book a month. Ernest Lin, a training center instructor, realized the importance of thinking while reading. “I spend too much time on my smart phone, which makes me unable to concentrate on my thinking. From now on I will read a bit before bed and learn to think more deeply.”

Carol Lin, an operations specialist, said that she enjoys reading adventure books and is inspired every time she reads. “You run into obstacles in life at different stages and I like to seek answers in travel literature.” She recommended The Motorcycle Diaries, a book detailing an adventure that takes place in Latin America, to her peers.

We hope our regional activities inspired you to pick up a book and start reading!

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