Engineering the Future at Lam
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Feb 19, 2019

At Lam, we see our interns as future leaders and we’ve designed programs to prepare them for that responsibility. By networking with big thinkers who challenge and inspire our students, to exploring new skills, our interns are starting their careers loaded with enthusiasm and encouragement.

We’re always looking to transform the industry with young minds, and if you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity and desire to learn, then you’re a future Lam intern. Several of our sites  – including California, Oregon, and South Korea – have programs for interns, with activities tailored to the needs of each region. If you’re interested in joining us for the summer, find out more about Lam’s internship program.

Meet three interns who joined us last summer and get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work at a company that is enabling the silicon roadmap – through their eyes.

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Ben Danek

Arizona State University | Mechanical Engineering

Lam is certainly regarded very highly in the industry and I was excited to work on projects that had a direct effect on their products. By having co-workers and groupmates open to discuss ideas and answer my questions, I felt extremely satisfied during my internship. It was refreshing to see that my manager and the team had obvious faith in my work and trusted me with difficult tasks.

Lam’s internship program provided me with an avenue to connect with others. I found several people from my school here and we’ve become pretty good friends. It safe to say that I’ve made some long-term friends who won’t go away after the internship. Additionally, I had the chance to ask several employees about their Ph.D. experiences, which is something that I’m considering in the future. Their insights were immensely helpful to me.

For future Lam interns, the advice I would provide is to be open to project detours. Most of my projects revolved around developing an idea. Originally, I had a clear direction I wanted to take, but found all kinds of bumps in the road. It required me to discover reactive solutions and continuously improve and innovate my project.

Lam certainly has a presence in the community that I live in, and I was happy to meaningfully contribute to the company.

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Mingxiu Sun

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Mechanical Engineering

I originally heard about Lam through MIT’s Microsystem Technology Laboratory Department and I chose to intern here because my project agreed with my background and my interest. This summer, I worked on a team that bridges the gaps between the product designers, the product marketing team, and the customers’ fabs. I spent my day researching current gaps and communicating with different business units. I found my project to be exciting and rewarding as I got to learn about both the technical and program management perspectives. By working with cross functional teams, being supported by my manager, and having a well-structured project, the work I did had a high personal impact.

I would recommend that future Lam interns learn as much as they can during their short time here and enjoy the experience along the way!

My internship allowed me to apply the knowledge I learned in school into a high-impact project and provided me with clarity as to what educational areas I’m most interested in when I go back to school.

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Dina Zheng

Santa Clara University | Operations Management Information Systems

I heard about Lam at my school’s career fair and I was excited to join the company because of its amazing learning opportunities and projects. My typical day involved attending meetings and keeping in touch with my managers. I was involved in projects that directly affected Lam’s talent recruitment. In fact, one of my favorite professional memories was when I was invited to attend an offsite meeting by one of my managers to discuss this project. It was empowering to help my manager so extensively on this project.

Some of the most important skills I’ve developed during this internship is being able to take initiative and manage my own time and workload. I had the wonderful opportunity to work on many projects and learn an immense amount from them however, for me to balance my workload, I needed to stay focused and prioritize projects to get them done.

The work and projects that I’ve worked on has allowed me to gain more exposure and guidance towards what I’d like to do in the future. The skills I’ve learned and polished will help me perform better in my academic studies and in life.

To future Lam interns, your experience here is what you make of it. It’s was an incredible journey for me. I realized that Lam is not a typical company because the work you do here will push you out of your comfort zone to be better. Being ambitious and pursuing perfection in my work has allowed me to gain the most out of my experience and you will too if you strive to be give 100% in your work!