Fusing Technology and Fun: Bring Our Children to Work Day 2016
A cartoon of an adult and a child wearing a bunny suit. The text says 'Bring our children to work day, Lam Research'
Oct 24, 2016

For the third year in a row, hundreds of kids hopped around in bunny suits, learned about technology, and had an all-around fun time at Lam’s Bring Our Children to Work Day 2016. This year, nearly 400 kids joined us for activities held at both our Fremont and Livermore, California, campuses, made possible with the help of more than 100 employee volunteers.

The all-day event included a number of activities for children ages 8-18, such as the popular Gown and Walk where they dressed up in bunny suits, lab and building tours, interactive sessions such as wafer cleaving, educational presentations, and a Junior Achievement event. A senior director in our Legal department thought that the hands-on aspects – for example, giving the children voting buttons during an executive presentation – created excellent interaction and learning, along with a few good laughs. He shared that his daughter also enjoyed the technical elements of the day’s activities, like making plasma colors change by playing with the oxygen level in the plasma test chamber.

One of our senior product managers said that Bring Our Children to Work Day was definitely worth all the effort that employees put in. “This event made a very positive impression to my kids about possible future careers in technology. Both kids loved the event and enjoyed joining Mom for work. They thought that Lam is a cool place to work and kept talking about it for several days!”

Bring Our Children to Work Day gave kids a glimpse at what we do here at Lam and our role in the semiconductor industry. You can see more of the educational fun in the photos below.

This is a collage of children participating in Bring Your Children to Work Day, including being in a classroom, touring facilities, and working on small projects.