Going Green Is in Our Routine
hands holding a leaf
Aug 19, 2019

At Lam, we have a long history of committing our support to sustainability. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams seek out ways to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. From butterfly conservation to clean up efforts, we are passionate about preserving our environment. Following are a few examples of how our employees used made a difference this year.

Lam is Recognized with the Green Business Award

Earlier this year, Lam was awarded with Washington County’s Green Business Award, a recognition provided to environmental leaders in the county. Our environmental and community initiatives, including treating our wastewater onsite, installing LEDs and occupancy sensors, recycling our e-waste and supporting local community organizations, helped bolster our certification as a Green Business Leader.

Our EHS and Facilities teams are always looking to improve operations and reduce Lam’s impact on the environment.

“I am very proud to work with people who put so much effort into reducing and managing waste effectively,” said Chad Oyler, EHS Senior Manager. “Our facility team puts a great deal of effort into continually implementing better recycling methods throughout the campus which enables us all to do our part.”

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Taiwan Preserves its Butterfly Sanctuary

Taiwan is home to the most butterfly species in the world, and we want to make sure that their environment remains protected. In the spring, we invited our employees and their family members to attend a talk, hosted by the Butterfly Conservation Society of Taiwan, to educate locals on the insect’s ecosystem and current preservation efforts. A week later, we got busy with our very own habitat conservation initiatives. Ten employees and their families planted trees in Changhua County, Taiwan, in hopes of boosting the butterfly population. After the butterfly appreciation and education tour that followed, we now find these creatures even more beautiful.

two photos of people working in the garden

Preserving Habitats in Korea

Since 2017, we have been passionate about preserving the habitat of the red-crown crane in Korea, and this year was no different. Earlier this season, we teamed up with Korea’s National Nature Trust and local farmers to plant rice in in the cranes’ habitat in Dongsong-eup, Cheolwon, as a way to supplement the cranes’ food resources. With 36 volunteers helping in the rice paddies, our efforts helped restore this great bird’s natural habitat.

two photos people posed in group at habitat site

Fremont Cleans Up the San Francisco Bay

At our headquarters in Fremont, California, 30 of our employees participated in a trail clean-up event at the Don Edwards SF Bay Wildlife Refuge. With over five bags of trash collected and several weeds pulled on an acre of land, we did our part to make the location in which we call home a little more beautiful.

two photos of lam employees volunteering