Lam Internship Program: Helping Shape Tomorrow’s Technology and Business Leaders
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Apr 4, 2016

At Lam we encourage students interested in engineering, science, or business to gain hands-on industry experience through our internship programs. Working alongside our employees, interns gain valuable learning by completing projects in their field of interest and participating in program activities. Their efforts may even pave the way for acceptance into our New College Graduates (NCG) program. While our interns are encouraged to immerse themselves in the work and culture at Lam, we also make time for team-building and having a little fun too!

Several of our sites – including California, Oregon, and South Korea – have programs for interns, with activities tailored to the needs of each region. Students can have the opportunity to participate directly on projects that support new product development or help find solutions to customer problems. For example, interns have worked on redesigning controls systems, testing Lam wafer processing tools, developing training, streamlining processes, and documenting workflows. While many participants focus on technical projects, others have worked in non-technical departments such as Business Operations, Human Resources, and Corporate Communications.

Although some of our locations hire interns year-round, our summer programs typically involve the largest number of participants and offer additional activities. These include welcome events, team-building outings to amusement parks and museums, and a Core Values Scholarship. Interns compete for the scholarship by writing an essay on how they have exemplified Lam’s Core Values during the program. Winners are announced at an awards ceremony where students enjoy a luncheon with our President and CEO Martin Anstice and senior staff. Some programs also include poster sessions where interns present the projects they’ve worked on over the course of their time at Lam.

In a recent post-program survey, interns were asked whether they would recommend Lam’s program to others, and all of them answered “yes.” Consistent themes in the feedback are that participants like our company culture and the opportunity to work on technology that matters. Here is what of some of them had to say:


“The advanced technology in Lam products is exciting. As much time must be spent worrying about the micro scale as the macro; for a mechnanical engineer, this can mean truly unique opportunities – learning more fundamental science, pushing the limits of technology, growing in ways that supersede routine engineering work.”

“I have had a great time at Lam and have already recommended it to a peer of mine! I believe this is a great company to intern at because the managers give you the opportunity to take ownership of your work while also giving you the guidance you need to be successful. This was an amazing work experience.”

“Lam is one of the target companies to work for after graduation. The culture and people that work here truly make it a company where successful people want to work. The last six months have been invaluable as far as my professional growth is concerned.”

“I think [Lam] products are neat. Cutting-edge molecular science is fascinating, and I really appreciate the respectful and intellectual culture here. I believe in Lam’s continued success and know there is a reason that many people have been here 10+ years.”


If you are interested in joining our internship program, please visit our Careers site for more information.


2015/2016 Lam Interns from California, Oregon, and Korea