Lam’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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Jul 20, 2020

The sixth annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, published last week, updates Lam’s progress in 2019 against each of the six pillars that comprise our CSR strategy.

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Business and Governance: Lam emphasized financial performance while further integrating CSR into business operations to drive a sustainable future and outside organizations are beginning to take notice.  In 2019 the company was listed on Newsweek’s America’s Most Responsible Companies and Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies.

Our longer-term strategy includes commitments to globally recognized goals and standards. In 2019, Lam selected five of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that align with our CSR strategy and help guide our long-term goals.

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Products and customers: Part of enabling the future of technology is ensuring that future is sustainable. Investing in innovation to fuel progress and collaborate with customers to mitigate the environmental impacts of our products is a key goal. In 2019 we:

  • Incorporated energy-efficient features into our deposition products that can achieve up to 12% energy reduction
  • Invested $1.1 billion in research and development
  • Launched the Lam Capital Start-Up Connection (Tech Symposium 2019), a collaboration with the MIT Start-up Exchange to build bridges between start-ups and industry

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Our Workplace: Employees are at the heart of our success. Focusing on employee engagement, inclusion and diversity, professional development, recognition, safety, and wellness is helping create an engaged, diverse, and thriving workplace. In 2019 Lam:

  • Supported employee growth with new career development, mentoring, and job rotation programs
  • Implemented 480,000 hours of training across 3,042 different courses
  • Expanded our inclusion and diversity program, hired a dedicated inclusion and diversity leader, and launched global inclusion training
  • Launched two new Employee Resource Groups: PRIDE and Veterans at Lam

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Responsible supply chain: Lam works closely with suppliers to address issues such as human rights, supplier diversity, environmental impact, and mineral sourcing. Suppliers are expected to uphold the same core values and adhere to Lam’s Global Supply Chain Code of Conduct. In 2019 the company:

  • Enhanced the human-trafficking due-diligence process
  • Completed an 18-month long customer partnership pilot program for the prevention and elimination of forced and bonded labor of foreign migrant workers in our supply chain
  • Implemented an all-digital purchase order system that will save more than 120,000 sheets of paper annually and approximately 380,000 gallons of water that would have been used in creation of the paper.


Sustainable operations: Since 2015, the company has strived to attain global goals around energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, water conservation, and waste reduction. All of Lam’s 2020 environmental goals were achieved. But we won’t stop there, as the current goals expired, the company set new environmental goals for energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water. 2019 accomplishments included:

  • Reduced GHG (greenhouse gas) intensity by 35% from a 2012 baseline
  • Achieved more than 2 million kWh in energy savings
  • Offset 72% of measured scope 3 emissions

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Our communities: Lam’s community initiatives include grants, scholarships, and programs that engage employees in giving back. In 2019 Lam:

  • Provided 146 grants to non-profit partners
  • Donated $3.4 million in total giving
  • Delivered 13,400 hours of service through our employee volunteers

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The full report is available on our website.