Lam’s internships: moving the world forward together
Interns discussing in meeting
Sep 20, 2021

Lahari Vithala, former Employee Communications intern, interviews her fellow peers on what it was like to be an intern at Lam this past summer.

Lam provides an environment that fuels innovation and big ideas at every level, starting with our interns. Whether it was in-person, virtually, or a combination of both, our interns supported projects that will help to move our solutions forward, all while having some fun along the way! Hear below from four of our summer interns about their experiences with Lam.

Engineering Intern Alex

Meet Alex, Engineering Intern, GSCM SCO EU, Austria

During his second internship with Lam, Alex supported two additive manufacturing projects that will ultimately help to cut part costs and assembly time. When asked why he chose to return to Lam’s summer intern program for a second time, he commented:

“The decision to come back to Lam was very easy. I enjoyed working in a fast-paced industry and learning from a great team. At the same time, I had the opportunity to write my master’s thesis on additive manufacturing and high-performance polymers for critical parts. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to apply my educational knowledge to real-world problems and get an inside peek into the semiconductor industry. Despite the size of the company – which many similar in size may be considered sluggish – Lam is extremely innovative and fast-paced, while also adjusting well to the market.”

For future Lam interns, his advice is to “ask many questions and use this as an opportunity to see what it means to work in the industry.”

Engineering Intern Jesse

Meet Jesse, Engineering Intern, CVD/ALD Metals HW Engineering, U.S.A.

While receiving his master’s in engineering design innovation, Jesse joined the National GEM Consortium (GEM), a premier organization for the best and brightest underrepresented minority STEM talent in the United States. As part of his fellowship, Jesse was given the opportunity to work for one of GEM’s partner companies.

“Lam seemed like a great place for me to exercise and develop my engineering skills in an industry that I was unfamiliar with. I chose Lam for the learning experience and I’m glad I did.”

This summer, Jesse supported our engineering team with showerhead testing for one of our deposition tools. “The work was very validating in the sense that the things I learned during my time at school have been accurate. Additionally, my work at Lam helped supplement my studies, giving great context and scope to what I’m doing.”

Like most of our engineers, Jesse enjoyed taking an idea or problem all the way through the creation and implementation process. He plans to use these techniques to enhance his design process in the future.

Engineering Intern Samantha

Meet Samantha, Engineering Intern, Etch Operations, U.S.A.

During her second internship with Lam, Samantha supported our etch product group by helping to ensure continuous quality improvements of non-conforming parts. When asked why she returned to Lam for a second internship, she said:

“I came back for a second internship because I believe Lam is a company where I can apply my engineering skills and learn from truly experienced professionals. I was surprised by the great culture at Lam. Everyone is open to collaborating and helping others. Many companies can say this, but I felt it first-hand at Lam. As an intern, my team members would take time out of their day to talk and share advice with me!”

Her advice to future interns is to network: “Get to know as many people as you can and try to learn about different departments of the company.”

Engineering Intern Tejashree

Meet Tejashree, Software Engineering Intern, Application Development, India

Tejashree joined our team in India, supporting the development of a user interface for submitting a tool’s job directly without the need for a command line or script.

“For me, Lam provided the best of both the software and semiconductor worlds, which helped me apply the concepts I learned in college to real-world projects.”

Throughout her internship, Tejashree appreciated the company’s culture. “My colleagues were always open to new ideas and viewpoints. They never made me feel like an intern. Instead, you’re part of the bigger family.”

Since her internship, she has continued her work at Lam as a full-time software engineer. Her advice for future interns is “leave an organization better than when you came and to have fun learning.”


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