Military Veterans Thrive in Semiconductor Industry
helicopter in air at sunset
Nov 6, 2017

Every day in the military, people practice the skills that will make them successful in the workplace. In fact, their comfort level with activities like maintaining structure and discipline, receiving ongoing training and development, and making sound decisions in difficult circumstances makes them well-suited for careers in the semiconductor industry. In addition, veterans hold to important values like teamwork, respect, achievement, and accountability that are central to our company culture. As such, they readily transition into a range of fulfilling technical and leadership roles here at Lam.

We have veterans working in a range of technical positions in our labs as well as in pilot and production manufacturing. Those who were junior military officers (JMOs) often find business operations a good fit. For an example of a successful transition, take a look at a profile of one of our veteran employees published in G.I. Jobs.

Our military veteran employees say they enjoy their jobs for many reasons, such as the excitement of being at the forefront of technology, the fast pace, and the challenging environment. They appreciate the cultural similarities to the military, like working together as a team and the willingness of others to help, and the career development opportunities, including educational benefits. Likewise, our hiring managers value employees with military experience because veterans have vocational maturity, thrive in fast-paced environments, and naturally share our cultural values, among other strengths.

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