Tapping into the Heart of Lam with Employee Resource Groups
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May 17, 2021

For over 40 years, Lam’s mission has been to advance the technology that advances the world. And in doing so, we have built a workforce of more than 11,000 employees in 65 cities spanning nearly 20 countries. We understand the importance of fostering a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for our employees and we remain committed to making inclusion and diversity an integral part of our culture at Lam.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a critical piece of Lam’s inclusion and diversity strategy. ERGs are communities of employees that volunteer to contribute to an inclusive and diverse culture within the company. Our ERGs connect employees, provide learning and development opportunities, participate in mentoring programs, support recruitment, and engage in our local communities. Under our ERG model, each group develops its own charter, goals, and initiatives while aligning with the company’s inclusion and diversity vision and Core Values. We’re excited that our ERGs continue to grow, develop new chapters across our global locations, and take on new projects that enhance our culture.

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Founded in 2019, our PRIDE ERG connects our LGBTQ+ community and allies to ensure that every member feels engaged and connected to the company. The group provides support, networking opportunities, and promotes education within Lam.

“Having a PRIDE specific ERG is important to employees because it creates an LGBTQ-inclusive workplace where all people feel safe and welcome to just be themselves,” said Samuel Wilson, chair of PRIDE employee resource group.

headshot of Lena Jang smiling Women in Global Operations


Women in Global Operations seeks to accelerate the advancement of women in Lam’s global operations organization. The group actively helps to attract, retain, and develop women with career and professional development programs.

“Women in Global Operations has provided me with a real sense of belonging and has connected with me to women with common values and shared experiences,” said Lena Jang, chair of Women in Global Operations in Korea. “It’s also been a great resource to broaden by perspectives by building connections with those who have different identities and learning unique insights from valuable internal workshops.”

headshot of Jose Garcia Martin Black Employee Network


As the ninth and newest ERG, Black Employee Network (BEN), actively engages in the recruitment, mentorship, professional development, and retention of Black employees at Lam. “As a microcosm of the larger Lam organization, we are intentional about creating a culture that is reflective of the values we hold most dear including mutual respect, diversity, and inclusion,” says BEN co-chair, Jose Garcia Martin.

“BEN has granted me a sense of belonging, community, and ownership. I have been able to develop meaningful networks and relationships. Additionally, it is critically important to feel represented and heard. BEN has given a voice to my unique experiences and concerns and created a platform in order to express what matters.”


Our employee resource groups tap into the heart of our organization and together, we’re building a workplace that is diverse and a culture that is inclusive.

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