Introducing Syndion® GP: powering the future of advanced power devices
Dec 7, 2021

The logic and memory chips that power our smart phones, laptops, gaming consoles and other favorite devices may be stealing all the headlines these days, but there are other types of semiconductors that may be less wellknown but are just as ubiquitous. Power devices are one great example. These are devices that control or convert electricity. Power devices play a critical role in our increasingly digital world, supporting everything from mobile devices and home appliances like air conditioners and rice cookers, to electric vehicles and high-speed trains — and their applications are growing rapidly.

As these applications continue to expand, their functionality must also evolve to support higher voltages, faster switching, and better efficiency. For chipmakers, advanced power devices are accelerating the need to implement more precise manufacturing processes, like high aspect ratio etching.

Historically, power devices typically operate in the 10s of volts to a few 100 volts; increasingly, they are being asked to work in much higher-voltage environments — up to and exceeding 1,000 volts.

These modern power devices require increased power handling and improved switching performance without compromising form factor, which can be addressed by moving to a higher aspect ratio trench. To achieve this, chipmakers require exceptionally precise, uniform deep silicon etch processes to create the trenches that are critical to achieving device performance. These deep trenches can have aspect ratios of 60:1 or even higher and require excellent etch uniformity and profile. To put that into perspective: the Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world, has an aspect ratio of about 9:1 — which is only 1/6 the aspect ratio of future Specialty Technology deep silicon trenches.

Precision manufacturing of these devices is no easy feat. Lam has been focusing its considerable leadership in etch to develop the tool needed for this important application, as well as others. Announced today, Syndion GP is built upon our proven 200 mm DSiE™ and leading 300 mm Syndion products for deep silicon etch.

As the latest addition to Lam’s Syndion G-series line up, Syndion GP allows chipmakers to realize future device demands through providing a 200 mm to 300 mm bridge solution with superior depth, CD uniformity and profile control for a wide range of applications in power and other devices.

To learn more, visit our Syndion product family web page.