Lam unveils new technology center
Lam Korea Technology Center Grand Opening icon
Apr 25, 2022

Lam is a recognized technology leader in the semiconductor equipment industry, and key to our competitive edge is our ability to innovate new products and solutions and enhance existing ones. We focus on connecting deeply with chipmakers and industry partners, establishing a common understanding of the most difficult challenges that must be overcome to create next-generation devices, processes, and yield improvements. And we invest in targeted research and development to create disruptive technologies that propel the industry forward.

To continue accelerating innovation in a period of rising manufacturing complexity, we are pleased to announce the opening of our Korea Technology Center, a new facility that aims to take collaboration with the Korean semiconductor ecosystem to a new level.

Located in the Jigok Industrial Complex in the heart of Korea’s K-semiconductor cluster, the R&D center’s proximity to customers will enable closer collaboration and accelerated development of solutions across the full range of chipmaking processes offered by Lam.

The Lam Research Korea Technology Center has a state-of-the-art cleanroom with capacity to support future expansion and will be staffed with a talented workforce – the majority with advanced post graduate scientific degrees. The new R&D hub shares a 30,000-square-meter campus with Lam Research Korea headquarters, creating new operating efficiencies, speed to decision-making and increased talent development opportunities.

In addition, the new site will be an important element of Lam’s R&D operations, that together with its U.S. and European labs, create a comprehensive approach to innovating the equipment and processes used to produce the world’s most advanced devices.