2021 Supplier Day: Together we will solve the unsolvable
2021 Supplier Day icon
Nov 2, 2021

The global supply chain is experiencing disruptions across every industry. In our own industry, as we confront a global chip shortage triggered by surging consumer demand, our supply chain partners continue to play a crucial role in ensuring that the semiconductor ecosystem can meet that demand and support the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow. 

Even when faced with the many challenges of navigating the global pandemic, our suppliers have remained dedicated to continuing their critical work, supporting Lam Research as we executed on a tremendous production ramp.  

On October 25th, we hosted a virtual Supplier Day event to recognize our global supply chain partners for their many contributions and celebrate their achievements. 

This year, ten companies were selected to be honored in our annual Lam Research Supplier Excellence Awards, which recognize the year’s top performing suppliers across three categories: General Excellence, Ramp Performance, and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Performance and Excellence. 

The 2021 Lam Research Supplier Excellence Award honorees are:  


Comet Plasma Control Technologies
General Excellence Award


General Excellence Award


Amuneal Manufacturing Corporation
Ramp Performance Award


Ferrotec Holdings Corporation 
Ramp Performance Award 


KNT, Inc.
Ramp Performance Award


Rapid Manufacturing 
Ramp Performance Award


Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc. 
Ramp Performance Award


Tokai Carbon Korea Co., Ltd.
Ramp Performance Award


Venture International Pte Ltd.
Ramp Performance Award


Pacific Stainless Products, Inc. 
Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Performance and Excellence Award

We congratulate all the winners and thank them for their continued dedication and support. Together, we are solving the unsolvable.  

We invite you to read the press release announcing our Supplier Excellence Award recipients.