Lam Research Highlights its Progress to Create a Better World Through Semiconductor Innovation in 2023 ESG Report
June 27, 2024

FREMONT, Calif., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Lam Research Corp. (Nasdaq: LRCX) today released its 2023 Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, detailing accomplishments, and quantified results in these areas as the company continues to unleash the power of innovation for a better world.

"We have entered the era of artificial intelligence and semiconductors are transforming the world around us in new and remarkable ways," said Tim Archer, president and chief executive officer of Lam Research. "It is with great pride that we continue to work with our customers and ecosystem partners to make marked progress towards creating a more sustainable future enabled by semiconductors."

As a global leader of wafer fabrication equipment and services, Lam's technology is at the core of the semiconductor industry's most exciting innovations. Lam is focused on enabling a better world by driving towards ambitious ESG goals across its business operations, the leading-edge products it creates, the customers and partners with whom it collaborates, the diverse and inclusive workplace it strives to enable, and communities in which it operates.

The 11th annual report provides data and information on the company's ESG journey in 2023, including new breakthroughs and practices that are expected to further enhance the sustainability of the company's operations and products, bringing the company closer to its goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Highlights of Lam's 2023 ESG results include:

  • An Energy Saving Mindset "Empowered" by Renewable Electricity: Lam saved ~2.8M kWh of energy worldwide through a range of initiatives. Increasing the usage of renewable electricity also continued to be a focus for Lam. Globally, Lam generated 5.5M kWh of electricity from solar and nearly doubled consumption of renewable energy.

  • Practicing Water Stewardship: Lam relies on water to operate many of its systems and is dedicated to using this resource responsibly and efficiently. This is especially true in regions that are deemed water stressed, where Lam saved 20.1 million gallons of water globally in 2023. In addition, Lam completed a multi-year wastewater reclamation project in Fremont, California, from which it intends to save millions of gallons of water per year.

  • Innovating While Reducing our Carbon Footprint: Lam identified a wafer-less auto-cleaning process for Lam etch products with the potential to reduce nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) emissions by up to 85%.1 Lam also used virtual solutions that accelerate problem-solving and harness AI as a tool for our scientists and engineers. Utilizing simulation in place of physical experimentation helped Lam reduce research and development emissions and chemical usage.

  • Product Enhancements Improve Sustainability for Customers: Lam developed features that can reduce its customers' NOx emissions by approximately 50% through deposition abatement and N2O emissions by approximately 30% via undercoat and pre-treatment steps.1 In addition, the company enhanced and expanded the availability of its ECO Mode feature to many of its product lines and customer tools in the field, which has the potential to reduce peripheral energy usage by 40% in idle state.

  • Powering Breakthroughs Together: Lam strives to build more inclusive societies, more resilient communities, and support transformative learning, with $6.8M donated by The Lam Foundation2. Additionally, through its $10M donation to FIRST® Global, Lam continues to strive to inspire and create opportunities for future innovators through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

  • Developing a Workforce with a Culture of Growth: Lam is dedicated to providing an environment where every employee has an opportunity to thrive, providing a range of workforce development opportunities and tools. For employees, Lam offers seven wide-ranging internal leadership development programs to provide tailored opportunities for growth throughout their career.

  • Awards and Accolades: Lam was honored to receive a wide range of recognitions from customers and industry in 2023, including being named one of the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine and one of the World's Best Companies by Time Magazine. Ethisphere also named Lam among the World's Most Ethical Companies in 2023 – the only wafer fabrication equipment maker and one of only two companies in the semiconductor category to be included on the prestigious list in 2023.

More information about the company's sustainability goals and its environmental, social and governance accomplishments are available in Lam's 2023 ESG Report.

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  1. See the Lam Research 2023 ESG Report, page 73, for additional details regarding emissions methodology.
  2. Includes $1.3M in corporate matches for employee monetary donations and volunteer time.

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