Driving Corporate Social Responsibility Across the Company
A photo of a green field with blue sky and clouds. The text says 'Lam Research CSR Report.'
Sep 19, 2016

We take corporate social responsibility (CSR) concerns like caring for the environment and our communities seriously here at Lam. Our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability plays out daily in a range of activities we have integrated throughout the company – at every level, in each business area, and all regions around the globe.

As we continue to develop our programs and set ever higher goals for ourselves, we are working toward meeting the needs of our customers by providing safe and environmentally responsible products. At the same time, our community support and engagement is expanding globally with involvement in a variety of areas important to our employees. Looking ahead, we are also challenging ourselves to explore new ways to use sustainability activities so that we can provide even greater value in the future.

Documenting our efforts to date, we recently published our CSR Report covering calendar year 2015. Some highlights from the year include:

  • We implemented innovative safety programs, including a mobile application that collects proactive and reactive safety data at both Lam and customer facilities to enhance our safety culture.


  • We signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge at the White House, setting new targets to reinforce our commitment to the environment, and expanded our “green” transportation efforts.


  • We continued to reach out to our communities, supporting more than 700 non-profit organizations around the world though employee volunteerism and monetary donations, with a special effort toward education and health.

Read the full Lam Research CSR Report on our website.

A photo of the cover of the 2015 CSR report and the table of contents. The title of the report is 'Lam Research Corporate Social Responsibility for 2015'