Empowering Diverse Leaders in the Tech Industry
hands in a circle
Aug 5, 2019

At Lam, we believe our success depends on the unique experiences and perspectives our employees bring to the table. To help unlock our multidimensional workforce, we support a rich community of Employee Resource Groups (ERG). These unique groups are networks where diverse communities can share, learn, and support each other.

Our Community of Latinos and African Americans for Student Success (C.L.A.S.S.) Outreach ERG actively helps to attract and develop African American and Latino students in engineering and science fields. Their community outreach programs supporting STEM education foster the creative imaginations of our youth.

“We’re actively involved in our communities, partnering with established organizations to encourage students to pursue careers in STEM,” says Albert Wright, master engineering technician who leads the group. “At our Fremont headquarters, and in the San Jose area, we have impacted over 500 students, educators, and others, through our annual CuBu (See You Be You) Technology Tours, where local African American and Latino students are exposed to our technology through Lam professionals who look like them.”

The C.L.A.S.S. Outreach ERG’s stated mission is “to display a positive message that encourages students in the African American and Latino communities to reach for higher standards of education in STEM, participate in technology tours at Lam, and meet people who look like them working in high technology positions.”