Expanding Our Impact through CSR
Lam CSR cover photo
Jun 18, 2019

Lam’s 5th annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report features updates on our continued progress against our 2020 environmental commitments, investments in our employees’ career development and well-being, and ongoing support for the communities where Lam employees live and work. In his letter below, President and CEO Tim Archer shares highlights from the report and how we continue to grow and expand our impact.

Lam’s contributions to the growth of the semiconductor industry and the data economy have never been greater, but we don’t stop there. We strive to make a lasting, positive impact for all our stakeholders and commit to be a proactive and responsible corporate citizen.

This year, to further integrate CSR into the business, we created a cross-functional CSR team to develop and drive CSR objectives and strategies. The team’s activities are coordinated and driven by a dedicated CSR manager, a new position created in 2018.

We have organized our CSR report into four main chapters: Company Overview, Workplace, Community, and Operations: Environment and Safety. We have addressed the topics that are priorities for our stakeholders and represent opportunities for Lam to make a positive environmental or social impact. Here are some highlights you’ll read more about in the pages to follow:

  • Company Overview – We continued to increase our investments in research and development, dedicating over 60% of our operating expenses to providing our customers with best-in-class and innovative products and services.
  • Workplace – We are increasing our focus on inclusion and diversity in the workplace and for the first time are publishing demographics of our workforce; this underscores our commitment to transparency as we address this important topic.
  • Community – The Lam Research Foundation increased its giving by 13% from 2017, with a record $3.7 million in grants, scholarships, and employee-matched donations to non-profits and scholarship programs.
  • Operations – Environment and Safety – We surpassed our 2020 goals for greenhouse gas intensity and renewable energy, and we maintained our strong track record for worker safety.

Lam is well-positioned to deliver on the CSR priorities for our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. We are excited to be on this CSR journey and we hope this report offers valuable insight into Lam’s ongoing commitment to CSR.

Continue reading the full report on our website.