Expanding our parental leave policy to create more flexibility for families
Mary Hassett headshot
Sep 7, 2021

The most important job many of our employees will ever have is not at Lam Research or any other company—it’s the job of being a parent. That’s one of the reasons why Lam is enhancing our U.S. parental leave program, expanding our paid maternity leave for birth mothers up to six months and providing all parents with up to four months of paid parental leave.  

Welcoming a child to the family, through birth, adoption, or foster care placement, is an incredibly special part of life. I know firsthand the pressures parents often feel toggling between work and family. I’ve felt it myself. Returning to the office after the birth of my children was incredibly challenging, and I never felt I had enough time.  

My personal experience reminds me to take a holistic view of our employees and develop programs that provide flexibility and support for families. In addition to our parental leave program, I’m proud that Lam also offers other benefits to support employees during life events that take place outside of work. Our comprehensive package of supportive benefits includes discounted rates on home care, backup care for children and adults, pet care, tutoring services, and more. 

In addition to our U.S. parental leave program, we are currently in the process of enhancing our parental leave policy globally in 2022, so all new parents have compelling benefits to help them focus on life’s special moments. I look forward to sharing more information with you in a future blog post.  

We want everyone at Lam to thrive and succeed. Our talented people are what make our leadership in the industry possible, so we strive to offer a lot in return. Providing meaningful benefits that make a positive impact also helps us create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued. At the heart of this effort is recognizing that life is about more than work no matter how much you love your job.