Innovation Abounds at SEMICON China 2019
Semicon China 2019 Logo
Mar 4, 2019

At this year’s SEMICON China, industry leaders from around the globe will come together for this fast-growing and dynamic microelectronics market to view products, technologies and brands that are changing the speed of business.

Once again, Lam is a proud sponsor of this important event, bringing many of our experts to the show to share some of the latest innovations and research in the industry. Tim Archer, President and CEO at Lam, will join other industry leaders in opening the show with a keynote speech. Lam experts will also participate in poster sessions, forums, and collaborative talks, listed below. In addition, Lam is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the Advanced Packaging Forum and the Advanced Manufacturing Forum.

Grand Opening Keynote
Tim Archer, President and CEO
Grand Opening Keynote
Wednesday, March 20, 2:05 PM

Technology Forum: China Memory Strategic Forum
Yang Pan, Corporate Vice President, Advanced Technology Development
Patterning and High Aspect Ratio Structure Solutions to Enable Memory Technology Roadmap
Wednesday, March 20, 11:00 AM

Technology Forum: Advanced Manufacturing Forum
David Haynes, Senior Director, Customer Support Business Group
Addressing the Resurgence of 200 mm and ≥28 nm, 300 mm Capacity Demand Through Technical Innovation and Improvements in Capital Efficiency
Thursday, March 21, 10:10 AM

Technology Forum: Advanced Packaging Forum
Manish Ranjan, Managing Director, Advanced Packaging Customer Operations
Increasing Strategic Relevance of Advanced Packaging for Next-Generation Semiconductor Devices
Thursday, March 21, 3:50 PM

Panel Discussion: SEMI Workforce CXO Talent Forum
Erzhuang Liu, Vice President, China Operation GM
Friday, March 22, 11:30 AM

Technical Symposia

Attendees can also arrive early to attend the China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC), being held in conjunction with the tradeshow on March 18-19. Exploring a wide range of manufacturing topics, CSTIC 2019 offers an excellent chance to learn about the industry’s latest advances in semiconductor technology. The conference will feature nine symposia to cover all aspects of semiconductor technology with a focus on manufacturing and advanced technology, including detail manufacturing processes, devices design, integration, materials, and equipment, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and silicon material applications. Hot topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI) chips, neuromorphic computing technology, advanced memory technology, 3D integration, MEMS technology will also be addressed in the conference. Lam is proud to be the bag sponsor of CSTIC, and several Lam experts will share new developments and results for enabling technologies.

Joint Session: Symposium II and Symposium III-Lithography/Etch
Rich Wise
Advanced Etch Challenges and Perspective Solutions
Monday, March 18, 1:35 PM

Symposium IV: Thin Film, Plating and Process Integration
Tighe Spurlin
Cobalt Electrofill for Future Generations of Contacts and Interconnects
Monday, March 18, 2:00 PM

Symposium IV: Thin Film—BE / Plating
Lee Brogan
Direct Copper Damascene Fill on Cobalt Liner Structures
Tuesday, March 19, 10:45 AM

Symposium IV: Thin Film, Plating and Process Integration
Cesar Ji
Interfacial Study for Enhanced AlN/ODC Stack Film Application in Advanced Nodes
Tuesday, March 19, Poster Session

Symposium IV: Thin Film, Plating and Process Integration
Zhengyang Liu
Factors Affecting Peeling Defects from PECVD A-Si Film on Silicon Oxide Substrate
Tuesday, March 19, Poster Session

Symposium VI: Metrology, Reliability and Testing
Jason Shields
Comprehensive 3D Process Control
Tuesday, March 19, 8:30 AM

Symposium IX: Design and Automation of Circuits and Systems
Yu De Chen, Jacky Huang, Dalong Zhao, Daebin Yim, Joseph Ervin
Advanced 3D Design Technology Co-Optimization for Manufacturability
Tuesday, March 19, 4:45 PM

Symposium IX: Design and Automation of Circuits and Systems
YuDe Chen, Jacky Huang
Influence of SiGe on Parasitic Parameters in PMOS
Tuesday, March 19, Poster Session

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the SEMICON China website. We look forward to meeting with you at the show.