Lam Research India Turns 20
Lam India celebrates 20 years logo
Aug 24, 2020

Lam Research India, one of Lam’s regional locations, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since opening, it has grown from a small software-focused team to the third-largest site in the company.

Company highlights

Lam India was registered on July 25, 2000 by our founding Managing Director, Mr. Ashok Belle. Twenty years ago, our Lam India offices originally housed a team focused on software development, today known as Lam India Software Team, and was quickly supplemented by a software support and testing organization.

In 2006, Lam India introduced the Hardware Engineering group, now known as Lam India Global Hardware Team. Soon, the hardware team was performing engineering analysis, design, and release, as well as engineering activities in support of manufacturing operations.

The newest and fastest growing of the three major organizations, Lam India Global Operations, started in 2014. Their responsibilities include procurement, spares operations, data analytics, engineering services, and logistics.

A 20-year perspective

With success comes responsibility. While Lam India has worked hard to fulfill customer commitments,  there is also a strong commitment to giving back to the communities. The compassion of Lam India employees has reached many communities through participation in giving and volunteer programs to help those in need. The tireless efforts of employee volunteers continue even while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it was not all work! The dedication to maintain a healthy work-life balance and build a greater sense of camaraderie was fostered through many employee events, including our flagship Annual Day celebrations, has not waned.

Though many things have changed at Lam India over the past 20 years, the customer focus, dedication, and teamwork that helped achieve early success continue to be the values that guide it today. Congratulations to everyone who helped shaped the past 20 years and to those who will continue to innovate and thrive during the next 20 years at Lam India.

collection of photos of Lam India employees