Lam Research Is Founding Member of MIT.nano
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Jul 23, 2019

Lam is pleased to be a founding member of the MIT.nano Corporate Consortium, a group of eleven companies supporting advancement in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Drawn from a variety of industries, the founding members are leaders in the development of systems, materials, and technologies for government, business, and consumers around the world. The formation of this university-industry consortium is an important step in supporting nanoscale researchers from departments, labs, and centers across the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Foremost, MIT.nano is a new, state-of-the-art facility for the design and fabrication of micro- and nanoscale structures. There are two cleanroom laboratories, a low-noise nanoscale imaging lab, and also maker spaces that are outfitted with tools to translate the ideas developed in MIT.nano into prototypes and handheld demos, supporting the deep commitment to deliver insights and innovations to the market. MIT.nano is also an intellectual community for nanoscale researchers and sponsor of technical centers of excellence, such as SENSE.nano, which focuses on sensors, sensing systems, and sensing techniques for advanced manufacturing, smart infrastructure, and the creation of advanced machines and materials.

As a corporate consortium member, Lam will help guide technical pursuits at MIT. Our expertise in specific industries and global markets will allow us to advise on real-world challenges and how to deliver solutions at scale. In return, Lam gains early awareness of innovative technologies emerging from MIT, additional research exposure with faculty, opportunities to interact with the graduate students who will become the next generation of nanoscale engineers and other opportunities.

MIT and Lam

Our MIT.nano membership strengthens a well-established relationship with the university. Lam Research is a long-standing member of the Microsystems Technology Laboratory (MTL) at MIT, a relationship started with Novellus Systems before 1997. MTL supports research and education in micro-and nano-systems, devices and materials, and provides a valuable forum for faculty, equipment manufacturers, and integrated device manufacturers (our customers) to interact together on topics of relevance to the semiconductor industry. Lam is also a member of MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) Alliance, which explores technologies such as machine learning, algorithms, robotics, and more. These collaborations yield valuable learning and provide insight into leading-edge research.

Lam has a long history of recruiting from MIT. Graduates have an excellent foundation for what Lam calls T-shaped individuals, meaning that they are not only highly competent in their technical field of expertise, but are also educated in other professional skills such as leadership and innovation practices. Our recruiting activities have increased over the years, further deepening our relationship, especially with the MTL.

Our annual Lam Day at MIT event, first held in 2014, brings a group of Lam employees (both technical leaders and recent alumni) to campus to learn more about MTL research and interact with students. Lam employees are also invited to attend the MTL Annual Research Conference held every January. Later this year, the Lam Research Technical Symposium will be co-sponsored by MIT. The Tech Symposium is a premiere forum for joint academic and industry cooperation that that brings together a select group of Lam’s global technical leaders and our key academic collaborators from MIT, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, and UC Berkeley to focus on innovative solutions to our industry’s grand challenges.

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