Patterning and Lithography Experts Convene at SPIE Symposium
Lam Conference 2018 Participation
Feb 20, 2018

Continuing to make device components ever smaller and closely packed together is one of the challenges faced by the advanced patterning community every day. From February 25 to March 1, experts in the field will gather at the SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium in San Jose, CA, to share ideas and innovations.

A full spectrum of patterning and lithography topics will be discussed at this year’s symposium across seven conferences. Attendees will come together to share and learn about state-of-the-art lithography, novel patterning technologies, metrology and process control, etch, patterning materials, and more. Through a variety of panel discussions and seminars, the symposium also probes patterning integration challenges as we extend current methods, explore alternative approaches, and identify new ways to complement existing technologies.

Lam is once again proud to sponsor the Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning conference. Topics covered include patterning improvement schemes, emerging etch technologies, and techniques used in EUV patterning. Experts from Lam and our collaborators will be at several of the symposium’s conferences to share our latest advances and processes, as listed below. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Materials and Etch Integration (Joint session Conferences 10586 and 10589)

Evolution of roughness during the pattern transfer of high-chi, 10nm half-pitch, silicon-containing block copolymer structures
Gregory Blachut, Stephen M. Sirard (Lam Research); Chris A. Mack (Fractilia); Michael J. Maher (U. of Minnesota); Paulina A. Rincon-Delgadillo, Boon Teik Chan, Geert Mannaert, Geert Vandenberghe (imec); Grant Willson (U. of Texas at Austin); Christopher J. Ellison (U. of Minnesota); Diane Hymes (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 27, 8:20 AM

Ultimate edge-placement control using combined etch and lithography patterning optimizations
Brennan Peterson, Katja Viantka, Michael Kubis (ASML); Rich Wise (Lam Research); Koen van der Straten, Melisa Luca, Salman Mokhlespour (ASML); Vito Rutigliani, Philippe Leray, Sandip Halder, Patrick Jaenen (imec); Daniel Sobieski, Nader Shamma, David Hellin (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 27, 8:40 AM

 Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography (Conference 10585)

Three-dimensional metrology on a-carbon hardmasks using CDSAXS
William Thompson (Lam Research); Daniel Sunday, R. Joseph Kline (Natl Institute of Standards and Technology); Jin Zhang, Xiaoshu Chen, Osman Sorkhabi (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 27, 11:30 AM

Unbiased methodology for improving EUV line roughness
Andrew Liang (Lam Research); Chris A. Mack (Fractilia); Stephen Sirard, Nader Shamma, Rich Wise, Jengyi Yu, Liu Yang, Justin Jiang, Chen-Wei Liang, Diane Hymes (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 27, 5:30 PM

Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning (Conference 10589)

(Invited) Review of integrated etch approach enhancement of EUV patterning
Jengyi Yu (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 27, 11:10 AM

DSA Materials and Characterization (Joint session Conferences 10586 and 10584)

(Invited) A progress report on DSA of high-chi silicon containing block co-polymers
Grant Willson, Natsuko Ito (U. of Texas at Austin); Gregory Blachut (U. of Texas at Austin); Stephen Sirard (Lam Research); Yasunobu Someya (Nissan Chemical Industries); Jan Doise (imec); Ryuta Mizuochi, Austin Lane (U. of Texas at Austin); Geert Vandenberghe, Paulina A. Rincon-Delgadillo (imec); XiaoMin Yang (Seagate Technology); Christopher Ellison (U. of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Wednesday, February 28, 8:00 AM

Block copolymers for sub-10 nm directed self-assembly lithography
Natsuko Ito, Gregory Blachut, Yusuke Asano (U. of Texas at Austin); Christopher J. Ellison (U. of Minnesota, Twin Cities); Grant C. Willson (U. of Texas at Austin); Stephen Sirard (Lam Research); XiaoMin Yang (Seagate Technology); Austin P. Lane (U. of Texas at Austin)
Wednesday, February 28, 8:40 AM

Patterning and Etch for EUV (Joint session Conferences 10583 and 10589)

Introduction of pre-etch deposition techniques in EUV patterning
Xun Xiang, Genevieve Beique, Andre Labonte, Catherine Labelle (GLOBALFOUNDRIES); Bhaskar Nagabhirava, Phil Friddle, Stefan Schmitz, Michael Goss (Lam Research); Dominik Metzler, John C. Arnold (IBM Research)
Wednesday, February 28, 8:20 AM

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the SPIE Advanced Lithography website.

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