Solar Panels at Lam Malaysia Light the Way to Net Zero
Solar Panels at Lam Malaysia
Oct 5, 2022
  • Solar power generation helps move Lam toward net zero emissions goal 
  • Lam’s Malaysia operations opened in August 2020; 1,400+ employees work there 

Lam’s purpose is simple: Unleash the power of innovation for a better world. For our new manufacturing operation in Malaysia, it means installing solar panels to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  

Our rooftop solar panels generate electricity with no smog-forming or climate-warming emissions. The project will help Lam reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 and is among many steps Lam is taking toward our ambitious sustainability goal of being net zero by 2050. 

“This project is something good for Lam and for future generations,” Jane Yeoh, director of Facilities Services in Malaysia, says. “I’m a member of the Lam Employee Sustainability Community (LESC) in Malaysia and practice sustainability at home. I am proud that I am with a company where I can contribute more to make a better world.”  

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75% Power  

Local regulation limits the Lam Malaysia facility to generating 75% of its maximum power from solar energy. (Additional energy will be supplied by the electric utility.) While there were some initial hurdles in terms of design, capacity, licenses, and approvals, Jane says, “once I commit, I make sure we deliver.”  

The facility is about 800,000 square feet with three sections: a four-story office, the manufacturing space, and a central utility area that contains the facilities systems (chiller for air conditioning, ventilation, process system for manufacturing and electrical power distribution & lighting).  

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On Track   

The project began in March 2022. The goal for the facility was to start generating power from solar cells by the end of September 2022. As of mid-September, the solar panels were able to generate 4.5 megawatt hours per day (MWh/day). When complete, the system will be capable of generating 8.7 MWh/day. The Facilities Services team has expedited the process; contractors are working hard to meet the end of October timeline for reaching full power generation from the solar system.      

Jane’s energy, exuberance, and passion for this project are palpable. “My team is really excited about the day when we’ll switch the gears over from our main external supplier. It’s the beginning of a cleaner future for Lam’s operations in Malaysia.”  

The team standing with the power converters. 

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