Spotlight on Lam Research India
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Oct 17, 2016

Recognized globally as a major IT hub, India is an important technology contributor and our Bangalore office is more than keeping pace. Since first established in 2000, Lam Research India has grown from 12 employees to a team of more than 500 people and has expanded its focus on software development and support to also include hardware development and global operations management.

It’s no surprise this office is growing. The region offers some unique and compelling advantages for a global technology company such as ours. For instance, the time zone difference enables our products and operations teams to keep projects going around the clock, with virtual hand-offs between groups in Bangalore and the U.S. This “east-west” continuous tag-team approach benefits customers needing support, regardless of their location or time zone, and facilitates closer collaboration with customers and suppliers. Also, Bangalore is a magnet for technical talent from all across India, tapping the best from a deep and diverse pool of 1.5 million engineering graduates per year.

Organization and Key Responsibilities

Our India team is organized into three major areas of responsibility: hardware, software, and operations. The hardware group designs subassemblies and subsystems for all of Lam’s product lines, providing innovation for next-generation products, along with cost and reliability improvements. By developing and supporting software for our products, the software group contributes important new capabilities that help meet customers’ evolving needs. The global operations group provides manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics services – handling about half of the company’s global procurement.

Employees in India offer a range of technical capabilities that enable them to effectively support and add value to our product engineering and operations areas. In fact, Lam Research India was recently recognized by India’s government for its rapidly growing contribution to IT and IT-enabled engineering.

One reason for our Bangalore team’s success is that employees know the importance of continually adding to their skills. Lam’s culture supports that ongoing learning through a variety of opportunities, from mentoring and internal training to job rotations between India and the United States. Employees also broaden their experience by collaborating with peers in our products and operations organizations around the globe and by working on projects directly with customers.

Industry and University Collaboration

In addition to providing unique capabilities to our business, Lam Research India is active in the industry and academia. We are on the Board of the India Semiconductor Manufacturing Advisory Committee (I-SMAC) and are affiliated with the Indian Electronic and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), and the Indo American Chamber of Commerce.

On the academic side, we value the potential of Indian talent to help create the next wave of innovative technology and actively work to build a positive ecosystem for graduating students in the region. Lam is an industrial affiliate of the Indian Institute of Science’s Centre for Nano Science and Engineering. We also offer internship programs with local universities, including the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras; P.E.S. Institute of Technology (PESIT), Bengaluru; and the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bengaluru.

Local Community Engagement

Our India team has a big heart for its community too. Determined to make a tangible difference, local employees established SANKALP, meaning “a solemn vow.” In this program, employee volunteers plan and carry out charitable activities that matter to them on a local level and make sure that every rupee they donate goes directly to those projects. Initial focus has been on children’s health and education. So far, employees have “adopted” a local school and started tutoring, teacher training, free lunch, school supplies, and hygiene programs. Our employees are also active in Lam’s year-end global “Deliver Joy” program, working together on projects like providing winter clothing for needy children and donating to a local orphanage.

Our Bangalore office today has come a long way from its initial focus on just software, and our Lam India team is proud to play an important role in advancing the world of technology.