Will HBM Redefine What's Possible With AI?
Mar 19, 2024

Interest in artificial intelligence is driving data storage expansion for memory makers. Advancements in semiconductor manufacturing etch and deposition, and advanced packaging are playing a crucial role in realizing the promise of high bandwidth memory (HBM).

There is a lot of buzz around high bandwidth memory (HBM). As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance so do its demands. Many major technology companies are betting on HBM to meet them. HBM is an advanced computer memory designed to offer faster data access with lower energy consumption. For AI, it can be a critical component in performance and reducing power consumption in memory chips. 

HBM uses 3D stacking, where multiple layers of components are vertically integrated using advanced packaging technology. Stacking specialized dynamics random-access memory (DRAM) chips vertically and connecting them through high-speed channels enables the rapid data exchange necessary for performing complex AI tasks. 

With emerging growth drivers such as generative AI and data processes only in their initial stages of adoption, HBM's market potential is expected to remain robust. 

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CheePing Lee is the senior director of Technical Program Management for Advanced Packing and Customer Operations