Saluting our veterans
Lam Veterans Day icon
Nov 11, 2021

On November 11, we observe Veterans Day in the United States to honor those who have shown a special commitment to the country through their service in the armed forces. At Lam, this is a time to honor, learn from, and celebrate our military community.

It is my privilege to serve as the executive sponsor of the Lam Research Veterans Community: an employee resource group (ERG) that brings together current and former service members throughout the company. Our group connects veterans with resources and mentorship programs to provide skillset and leadership development training and unlock career growth opportunities.

I have had the good fortune to work closely with many veterans across the company throughout my tenure with Lam. I have found that military professionals often possess unique leadership skills and agility that are not only transferable to the rapid pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry, but closely align to our company’s Core Values.

Over the past two years, as the world was confronted by the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw our veteran community respond with fortitude and courage, agilely adapting to extraordinary circumstances to not only keep our operations running strong, but also expand our production capacity.

This Veterans Day, our Veterans ERG will host a National Salute ceremony where members can come together around the flagpole at our Tualatin, Oregon, campus for a moment of silence. In appreciation for their service, a coin will be presented to current and former service members across our U.S. operations, similar to the practice of the challenge coin in the military.

From all of us here at Lam Research: Thank you, Veterans, for your courage and your many contributions to our country. We salute you.

If you are a veteran and are interested in exploring a career opportunity with Lam Research, please visit our Careers page to learn more.