9 “Beyond Smart” Things Heard at SEMICON West 2018
Beyond Smart Building
Jul 16, 2018

Now that our time at SEMICON West 2018 is over, we’d like to reflect on some of the sound-bites overheard last week. As always, the three-day conference and expo gave us insights into today’s discoveries as well as glimpses into tomorrow’s innovations. Here are some of the interesting things we noted at this year’s show.

  1. More data is being generated than ever before. By some estimates, the amount of data is doubling every 12 to 18 months. In the healthcare and automotive industries, data may be doubling even faster.

A digital rendering of a person touching a digital vehicle dashboard.


  1. There are currently 175K service members transitioning into civilian life. Hiring veterans can lead to positive impacts such as a stronger, more diverse workforce and improved leadership.

A 3D digital mock-up of a fighter jet (see-through)


  1. Did you know blockchain, the backbone of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is expected to account for 10% of worldwide GDP by 2025?

A digital depiction of metal chains, but instead of being solid they are made of 1s and 0s.


  1. What attracts the next generation to the semiconductor industry? A panel of interns said they are excited by innovations such as the availability of bioengineering devices.

A close-up of a human eye with a digital technology reflected in the center of the eye.


  1. What are the four trends disrupting transportation in cities? Autonomous driving, connectivity, electric vehicles, and shared-use mobility.

A cityscape with highways. Digital icons floating above the city intimate the connectivity of everything -- a cloud, wifi signal, automobile, house, etc.


  1. Medical care now includes digital medicine and remote patient monitoring. Connected devices can improve patient monitoring, ensuring appropriate and effective treatment. New or improved diagnostic and therapeutic devices are also transforming healthcare.

A person touching a fantastical digital white board that has a variety of techy and digital renderings, like a human form, charts, icons, a brain, DNA strands. A very busy board.


  1. The IoT is more than just sensors. We’re moving toward 30 billion connected devices by 2020!

A digital rendering of a human finger touching the world (which is made of digital lines, very techy looking).


  1. Tools like digitization and simulation are changing how we do research and development. For example, leading edge technology development is making use of process modeling across hundreds of interrelated process steps.

The figures of two humans bent over a workstation, with one of them holding a tablet. Lots of papers strewn about.


  1. What’s driving worldwide change? Industry 4.0, big data, and machine learning are major contributors to innovation.

A person interacting with a digital board that has lots of techy icons.