Advanced Patterning on Stage at SPIE Symposium
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Feb 16, 2021

The latest developments in patterning will be on stage at the upcoming SPIE Advanced Lithography, held as a digital forum February 22-26.

Patterning – the set of steps that transfers chip designs onto wafers – continues to be one of the most challenging areas of semiconductor manufacturing, driving innovations in both conventional and alternative technologies.

Lam’s Rich Wise, vice president in the Office of the CTO, will give a live keynote on Lam’s revolutionary technique to both apply photoresist and develop latent images in photoresist using dry technologies. In addition, Lam is pleased to be a digital forum sponsor.

You can hear about some of the latest advances from Lam and our collaborators, as listed below. We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Breaking stochastic tradeoffs with a dry deposited and dry developed EUV photoresist system
Rich S. Wise (Lam Research)
Friday, February 26, 2021 8:20 AM


(Invited) Plasma etch solutions for EUV patterning: defect challenges
Noel Sun (Lam Research)

(Invited) Etch and deposition co-optimization: A pathway to enabling high aspect ratio 3D NAND Flash ONON channel hole patterning
Meihua Shen, John Hoang, Hao Chi, Danna Qian, George Papasouliotis, Jonathan Church, Pramod Subramonium, Eric Hudson, Leonid Belau, Katherine Haynes, Matt Weimer, Ragesh Puthenkovilakam, Sirish Reddy, Sonal Bhadauriya, Thorsten Lill (Lam Research)

Electrical validation of massive E-beam defect metrology in EUV-patterned interconnects
Etienne De Poortere, Nicola Kissoon (ASML); David Hellin (Lam Research); Stefan Decoster, Gayle Murdoch, Stephane Lariviere (imec); Elisabeth Camerotto (Lam Research); Sandip Halder, Philippe Leray (imec); Malgorzata Jurczak (Lam Research)

EPE variability comparison study of multiple patterning options for restricted 2D structures in advanced logic nodes
Arup Saha (ASML); Brett Schroeder (Lam Research); Tsann-Bim Chiou (ASML); Fung S. Ou (Lam Research)

Investigating the effect of variation and parasitics on the latest next generation architectures
Joseph Ervin (Coventor, a Lam Research company)

Quasi-atomic layer etching of Si and nitride hard mask with Cl2 based chemistry
Tao Li (IBM); Stefan Schmitz, Phil Friddle, Samantha Tan, Wenbing Yang (Lam Research); Indira Seshadri (IBM)

Scatterometry-based calibration of process model for gate-all-around devices
Ye Feng (Lam Research); Joseph Ervin, Yang Lu, Anthony Woo, Martyn Coogans, Ivan Chakarov, David Fried (Coventor, a Lam Research company)

SSVT (Six Stacked Vertical Transistors) SRAM cell architecture introduction: design and process challenges assessment
Benjamin Vincent, Joseph Ervin (Coventor, a Lam Research company)

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