Atomic-Scale Process Experts Head to ALD/ALE 2019
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Jul 8, 2019

The AVS 19th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2019) featuring the 6th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2019) will take place Sunday, July 21–Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington (East Seattle). Conference topics will range from fundamental mechanisms to manufacturing strategies and emerging applications.

In support of research and industry learning in these important process areas, Lam is a platinum sponsor of both the ALD conference and ALE workshop. We also sponsor best student paper awards, which recognize outstanding graduate student research in both fields.

You can hear about some of the latest advances from Lam and our collaborators at the following presentations.

ALD Conference

Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition using Dodecanethiols: Comparison of Monolayer versus Multilayer
Tzu-Ling Liu (Stanford University); Katie Nardi‚ Nerissa Draeger‚ Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); Stacey F. Bent (Stanford University)
Tuesday, July 23, 1:45 PM

Mechanism for Breakdown in Selectivity During Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of ZrO2 on a SiO2 Surface Functionalized with a Blocking Layer
Wanxing Xu (Colorado School of Mines); Paul C. Lemaire‚ Kashish Sharma‚ Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); Sumit Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Tuesday, July 23, 2:00 PM

Area-Selective ALD of Silicon Oxide using Inhibitors in Four-step Cycles for Metal/Dielectric Selectivity
Marc Merkx‚ Rick Jongen (Eindhoven University of Technology‚ Netherlands); Alfredo Mameli (TNO/Holst Center‚ Netherlands); Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); Erwin Kessels‚ Adrie Mackus (Eindhoven University of Technology‚ Netherlands)
Tuesday, July 23, 2:30 PM

ALD Process Monitoring for 3D Device Structures
Jiangtao Hu (Lam Research)
Wednesday, July 24, 3:15 PM

ALE Workshop

Tutorial: Plasma Based ALE
Thorsten Lill (Lam Research)
Sunday, July 21, 4:25 PM

Laser Isotropic Atomistic Removal of Germanium (poster)
Dongwoo Paeng‚ He Zhang‚ Y.S. Kim (Lam Research)
Sunday, July 21, 6:00 PM poster session

Atomic Layer Etching – Advancing Its Application with a New Regime
Samantha Tan‚ Wenbing Yang‚ Keren J. Kanarik‚ Yang Pan‚ Richard Gottscho (Lam Research)
Monday, July 22, 1:30 PM

Formation of Ohmic Contacts to Si using In-situ Chemical Cleaning of the Substrate
Sara Iacopetti (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology‚ Israel); Raihan Tarafdar‚ Steven Lai‚ Michal Danek (Lam Research); Moshe Eizenberg (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology‚ Israel)
Wednesday, July 24, 9:30 AM

Dynamic Temperature Control Enabled Atomic Layer Etching of Titanium Nitride
He Zhang‚ Y.S. Kim‚ Dongwoo Paeng (Lam Research)
Wednesday, July 24, 10:45 AM

Enhancing Etch Selectivity in Plasma-Assisted ALE of Silicon-Based Dielectrics using Surface Functionalization
Ryan Gasvoda (Colorado School of Mines); Scott Wang‚ Eric Hudson (Lam Research); Sumit Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Wednesday, July 24, 11:45 AM

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the ALD/ALE 2019 website.

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