Atomic-Scale Processing and More at AVS Symposium
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Oct 7, 2019

The science and technology of materials, interfaces, and processing will be in the spotlight at the AVS 66th International Symposium and Exhibition, being held October 20-25 in Columbus, Ohio. This flagship event includes technical talks, focus topics on emerging technologies, short courses in vacuum science, and one of the largest equipment exhibitions in the world.

Lam is a silver sponsor of both the Thin Film Division and the Plasma Science and Technology Division, which host programs ranging from fundamental studies to manufacturing applications. You can hear about some of the latest advances from Lam and our collaborators at the following presentations.

Atomic Layer Deposition

Mechanisms of Precursor Blocking during Area-selective Atomic Layer Deposition using Inhibitors in ABC-type Cycles (AP+2D+EM+PS+TF-MoM)
Marc Merkx (Eindhoven University of Technology‚ The Netherlands); Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); Erwin Kessels (Eindhoven University of Technology‚ The Netherlands); Tania Sandoval (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María‚ Chile); Adrie Mackus (Paul Holloway Award Winner) (Eindhoven University of Technology‚ The Netherlands‚ Nederland)
Monday, Oct 21, 9:20-9:40 AM

Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxides on an Inhibitor-Functionalized SiO2 Surface (AP+2D+EM+PS+TF-MoM)
Wanxing Xu (Colorado School of Mines); Paul Lemaire‚ Kashish Sharma‚ Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research); Sumit Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Monday, October 21, 10:40 – 11:00 AM

Atomic Layer Deposition of BN as a Novel Capping Barrier for B2O3 (2D+AP+EM+MI+NS+PS+TF-MoA)
Aparna Pilli‚ Jessica Jones‚ Jeffry Kelber (University of North Texas); Adrien LaVoie‚ Frank Pasquale (Lam Research)
Monday, October 21, 4:40-5:00 PM

Computational Investigation of Plasma Enhanced ALD of SiO2 (PS+2D+SE+TF-FrM10)
Chenhui Qu (University of Michigan); Pulkit Agarwal‚ Yukinori Sakiyama‚ Adrien LaVoie (Lam Research); Mark J. Kushner (University of Michigan)
Fri, Oct 25, 11:20-11:40 AM

Atomic Layer Etching

Surface Pre-functionalization of SiNx and SiO2 to Enhance Selectivity in Plasma‑Assisted Atomic Layer Etching (AP+2D+EM+PS+TF-MoM)
Ryan Gasvoda (Colorado School of Mines); Zhonghao Zhang‚ Scott Wang‚ Eric A. Hudson (Lam Research); Sumit Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Monday, October 21, 8:40-9:00 AM

Characterization of Isotropic Thermal ALE of Oxide Films and Nanometer-Size Structures (AP+PS+TF-ThM)
Andreas Fischer‚ Aaron Routzahn‚ Thorsten Lill (Lam Research)
Thursday, October 24, 8:40-9:00 AM

Advanced Memory

Plasma Processing of Phase Change Materials (PS+EM-TuA)
Ernest Chen‚ Nicholas Altieri (University of California‚ Los Angeles); Christopher Neumann‚ Scott Fong‚ H.S. Philip Wong (Stanford University); Meihua Shen‚ Thorsten Lill (Lam Research); Jane P. Chang (University of California‚ Los Angeles)
Tuesday, October 22, 5:00-5:20 PM

Meeting the Challenges in Patterning Phase Change Material for Next Generation Memory Devices (PS+EM-TuA)
Meihua Shen‚ Lill Thorsten‚ John Hoang‚ Steven Chiou‚ Danna Qian‚ Aaron Routzahn‚ Jack Chen‚ Alexander Dulkin‚ Jim Sims‚ Andrew McKerrow‚ Rafal Dylewicz (Lam Research)
Tuesday, October 22, 5:20-6:00 PM

Plasma Science

In-situ Measurement of Deposited Film Thickness and Electron Density by Double Curling Probe (PS-ThM)
Daisuke Ogawa (Chubu University‚ Japan); Yukinori Sakiyama (Lam Research); Keiji Nakamura (Chubu University‚ Japan); Hideo Sugai (Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute‚ Japan)
Thursday, October 24, 11:20-11:40 AM

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the AVS Symposium website. We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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