Connect at SEMICON China 2020
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Jun 30, 2020

A key semiconductor trade show and forum, SEMICON China, was held June 27–29 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Lam was pleased to be a sponsor of this event, which encompassed the electronics supply chain, including chip design, manufacturing, assembly and test, equipment, and materials. Lam was also a sponsor of the Grand Opening Keynote, which marked the start of the event.

Dr. Er Zhuang Liu, corporate vice president and general manager of Lam Research China Operations, participated in the SEMI Workforce CXO Talent Forum panel discussion.

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Concurrent with the trade show was the China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC). One of the largest and most comprehensive semiconductor technology conferences in China, CSTIC 2020 will be held virtually through July 17. Following is a list of our participation:

Symposium I: Device Engineering and Memory Technology

Yield Enhancement by Virtual Fabrication: Using Failure Bin Classification, Yield Prediction and Process Window Optimization to Identify and Prevent Process Failures
Qingpeng Wang, Coventor Inc., a Lam Research Company

 Process Control in Multi-Station PECVD Systems (poster)
Xin Gan, Mao Sen Li, Yu Shan Chi, Lam Research

Symposium III: Dry & Wet Etch and Cleaning

An Alternative Way to Achieve High Removal Rate of TiN MHM with Good Uniformity in Wet Etch (poster)
Xiang MingYuan, Lam Research

Metal Hard Mask Open Process Window Enhanced by Insertion of Polymer Deposition (poster)
Li Fei Sun, Lam Research

Application of a Bevel Etch Process for Improving Particle Performance in CMOS Image Sensor Manufacture (poster)
Sun Yiling, Lam Research

Profile and Hard-mask Remaining Study for MRAM MTJ Ion Beam Etching (poster)
Caigan Chen, Lam Research

Novel Method Achieved Much Better Sidewall Protection by in Situ ALD Process in Plasma Etch Chamber for 3D NAND (poster)
Stephen Liou, Lam Research

Profile Modification in a High Aspect Ratio Carbon Mask Open Process (poster)
Tianyin Sun, Lam Research

Oxide to CESL Selectivity Enhancement by AlE in Contact Etch (poster)
Hexin Zhou, Lam Research

Symposium IV: Thin Film, Plating and Process Integration

(Invited) Fabrication and Performance Trade-offs of Future Interconnect Design and Material Options
Jonathan Reid, Lam Research

(Invited) BEOL Interconnect Challenges and Solutions for Advanced Technology Node
Zhu Huanfeng, Lam Research

ICE Treatment Uniformity Optimization Study in Tungsten CVD Metal Gate Fill
Ao Yang, Lam Research

A Study of DTI Gap Fill PEALD Oxide Process Tuning to Eliminate High-k/Substrate Peeling Defect in CMOS Image Sensor (poster)
Jiang Yu, Lam Research