Lam Core Values Continue to Drive Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Jun 25, 2018

Lam’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report for 2017 highlights our commitment to sustainable and ethical change in the world. In his letter below, CEO Martin Anstice outlines Lam’s efforts around CSR through a focus on continuous improvement and growth within the industry.

In the calendar year 2017, we continued our track record of outperformance, and with that success comes responsibility. At Lam, our Core Values underpin our commitments to sustainable growth and making a positive contribution to people and the planet. We are committed to responsible business practices and continuous improvements in our own operations, in our partnerships with our customers, and across our supply chain.

This report gives us the opportunity to share our workplace, community, and environmental initiatives that we see as critically tied to our business success. These initiatives include operating a safe and opportunity-rich workplace; supporting the communities where we operate; fostering careers, particularly in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines; being mindful of our energy and environmental footprint; and encouraging our suppliers to meet our high standards and values. The foundation of our activities is a commitment to ethics, good governance, and responsiveness to all stakeholders.

2017 Achievements

In 2017, we made significant progress toward our corporate responsibility goals:

  • Increased our charitable giving: Due substantially to matching donations made by our employees during our “Sharing Our Success” campaign, we contributed $3.3 million to nearly 1,400 charity organizations, up from around 800 in 2016. Employee volunteer hours also increased by more than 50%.
  • Enhanced accountability in partnership with our suppliers: We adopted industry best practices to ensure fair labor practices, responsible environmental stewardship, and effective workplace safety procedures; enhanced our audit and training activities; and updated our global supplier code of conduct.
  • Focused on attracting and retaining talent: We introduced several new areas of management and leadership training and we provided new graduates with strong onboarding mentoring and training programs.
  • Remained on track to meet our 2020 environmental goals: We are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity for our manufacturing and research and development (R&D) operations and making energy efficiency upgrades at our facilities.
  • Maintained our excellent workplace safety record: We had a recordable incident rate that was one-third the industry average due to our proactive prevention and awareness programs.
  • Shared our financial success with our employees: In 2017, our bonus plan covered all employees.

These achievements are illustrative of our ongoing commitment to use our knowledge and resources to create positive change to support our stakeholders and improve our world.

Continue reading the full report on our website.

CSR Core Values Graphic