Lam ships its 10,000th single wafer clean chamber
Sep 13, 2021

Lam recently achieved an impressive product milestone with the shipment of our 10,000th single wafer clean chamber. This marks an incredible journey from the SP100 single chamber product first shipped in 1991 to the state-of-the-art EOS® 16-chamber tools shipped today to the most advanced fabs in the world. 

Throughout the chip fabrication process, particles and other chemical impurities must be removed from the wafer surface. Each step has different selectivity and defectivity requirements that add to manufacturing complexity. For example, post-etch or post-ash polymers and residues need to be removed by dissolving them chemically, while insoluble particles are lifted off and transported away.  

The SP100 shipment marked the introduction of Bernoulli technology, enabling customers to simultaneously process both the backside and bevel of the wafer with wet chemistries while maintaining a dry/protected frontside of the wafer. This technology continues today on the EOS GS L Series product and has enabled Lam Research to become the market leader in single wafer backside/bevel applications. 

Over the years Lam expanded into solvent applications by introducing low defectivity reclaim technology with multi-level chambers that enable point-of-use exhaust and chemical separation.  This technology has carried on throughout numerous products culminating in today’s EOS DS L Series product. This product enables lower cost of ownership and reduced waste by enabling customers to reuse proprietary solvents. 

As device scaling, increasingly complex structures, and new materials bring additional defect removal challenges and also drive the need for increased wafer clean productivity, we expect to continue to deliver exceptional wet clean solutions. 

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