Lam’s 2020 ESG Report: Putting Our Values into Action
Lam ESG report cover
Jun 29, 2021

As Lam’s business continues to grow and, with it, our global footprint, we feel a great responsibility to contribute to a better world. To that end, we incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) tenets into everything we do, from our operation and workplace practices to how we source our materials and design our products. 

Lam recently released its 2020 ESG Report, detailing the company’s progress across six pillars that are critical to our business and areas where we can have the greatest impact.  

“We are at the beginning of an exciting journey to be more transparent and deploy new performance measures,” says Stacey MacNeil, chief communications officer. “Our holistic approach to ESG keeps our unwavering commitment front and center. Integrating ESG into our operations – while managing ESG-related risks and opportunities – demonstrates our leadership and values. As we innovate and connect at the individual, organizational, and community levels, we’re engineering a brighter future for all our stakeholders.” 

Here are some highlights from the report: 

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Setting Ambitious Sustainability Goals

Just one year into our 2025 sustainable operation goals, we have made gains across all targets. And as the world seeks to confront one of the most substantial challenges of our time – climate change – we’re announcing new, ambitious goals to reduce our carbon footprint, including operating 100% on renewable energy by 2030 and becoming carbon net zero by 2050.


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Accelerating Our Culture of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D)

With more than 11,000 employees and a global network of customers, suppliers, and industry partners, we understand the importance of fostering an environment where everyone feels included. In the past year, we had 98% of our global workforce participate in our web-based microinequities training.

To extend our reach, we collaborated with partners to advance I&D practices across the industry and directed $1,000,000 in funding to non-profit organizations taking a stand against social injustice.


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Amplifying the Employee Voice

Our employees are at the heart of our success and we remain dedicated to building a stronger organization for our people. In 2020, Lam deployed the global pulse survey twice, which invited our entire employee population to provide input on culture, inclusion and diversity, career opportunity, and management.

Their sentiments informed our policies and helped us drive improvements towards better performance. This past year, Lam received an engagement score of 80, positioning the company at the top 20% of the global benchmark.


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Building a Responsible Supply Chain

With our supply chain spanning 30 countries and counting, we work closely with our suppliers and sustainability partners to manage risk and build on our workplace and environmental practices. In 2020, we continued our membership with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and its Responsible Labor and Mineral initiatives. The company also enhanced its Global Supplier Code of Conduct to comply with the additional recommendations provided in the RBA Code of Conduct.


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Involving the Highest Levels of Leadership

We are committed to creating a more responsible and sustainable world and as we continue to embed ESG across our business, we’ve invited the highest levels of leadership to guide our strategy. Our board of directors is actively engaged in ESG and, in 2020, we established an ESG Executive Steering Committee to support our initiatives and hold us accountable as we seek to build a better world.



We encourage you to read the full report to explore our initiatives, data, and employee stories. We also invite you to read the press release announcing the launch of our seventh annual ESG report, which provides a brief overview of key milestones in the last year.