SPIE Symposium Shines Spotlight on Patterning
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Feb 11, 2019

The SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium brings together leaders across the semiconductor industry to discuss the latest challenges in lithography and patterning. Held at the San Jose Convention Center on February 24-28, 2019, the week-long event features seven technical conferences covering recent developments and emerging strategies for topics such as advanced patterning, new materials, and processing control.

Lam is pleased to once again be the sponsor of the Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning conference, as well as the exhibition bag sponsor. If you are at the show, be sure to visit Coventor in booth #323/325. You can hear about some of the latest advances in patterning solutions from Lam and our collaborators at the following presentations:

(Plenary) Patterning Process Innovation in 3D NAND
Steven Steen (ASML); Bart van Schravendijk (Lam Research); Michael Kubis, Jan Willem Cromwijk, Hans Kattouw (ASML); Yongsik Yu (Lam Research)
Monday, February 25, 9:50 AM

Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning

(Keynote) Combining Equipment Sensors and Control Hardware with Metrology and Advanced Computational Methods for Comprehensive 3D Process Control
David Fried (Coventor); Dan Simon, Boaz Kenane (Lam Research); Michael Jamiolkowski (Coventor); Andrew Bailey, Marcus Carbery, Lisheng Gao, Ye Feng, Atashi Basu, Jiangtao Hu, Jason R. Shields, Richard A. Gottscho (Lam Research)
Monday, February 25, 2:10 PM

(Invited) SPARC: A Novel Technology for Depositing Conformal Dielectric Thin Films with Compositional Tuning for Etch Selectivity
Bhadri Varadarajan (Lam Research)
Monday, February 25, 5:20 PM

Scanner and Etch Co-Optimized Corrections for Better Overlay and CD Control
Ik-Hyun Jeong, Seung-Woo Koo, Hyun-Sok Kim, Jae-Wuk Ju, Young-Sik Kim, Yong-Tae Cho, Heung-Joo Kim (SK Hynix); Katja Viatkina, Tom van Hemert, Ruud de Wit, David Deckers, Owen Chen, Nang-Lyeom Oh (ASML); Marcus Musselman, Marcus Carbery, Ssuwei Chen, Lucian Schmidt, Heidi Kwon, Jae Gyoo Lee (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 26, 1:30 PM

(Invited) Opportunities and Challenges Utilizing Atomic Layer Etch for 10 nm Half Pitch Metal Patterning
Michael Koltonski (Micron); Wenbing Yang (Lam Research); Craig Huffman, Ying Rui (Micron); Mohand Brouri, Samantha Tan (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 26, 3:40 PM

Across-Wafer Sub-1 nm Critical Dimension Uniformity Control by Etch Tool Correction
Changwoo Lee (Lam Research)
Tuesday, February 26, 5:00 PM

EUV Line-Space Pattern Defect Mitigation Simulation using Coventor SEMulator3D to Enable Exposure Dose Reduction
Daniel Sobieski, Rich Wise, Yang Pan, David Fried, Nader Shamma (Lam Research) (Joint session with Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography)
Wednesday, February 27, 8:20 AM

Self-Aligned Quadruple Patterning Assessment for 16 nm Half-Pitch Metal 2 BEOL using Virtual Fabrication
Benjamin Vincent (Coventor); Stephane Lariviere, Chris Wilson, Ryan Kim, (imec); Joseph Ervin (Coventor)
Wednesday, February 27, 2:40 PM

Advances in Patterning Materials and Processes


Self-Aligned Fin Cut Last Patterning Scheme for Fin Arrays of 24 nm Pitch and Beyond
Sylvain Baudot (Semiconductor Technology and Systems); Assawer Soussou (Coventor); Alexey P. Milenin (IMEC); Joseph Ervin (Coventor); Steven Demuynck (IMEC)
Tuesday, February 26, 4:50 PM

Ultra-Thin Conformal Coating for Spin-On Doping Applications
Mingqi Li, Peter Trefonas III, Bhooshan Popere, Andrew T. Heitsch (DowDuPont); Ratchana Limary (Lam Research); Reika Katsumata, Yuanyi Zhang, Rachel A. Segalman (UC Santa Barbara)
Wednesday, February 27, 9:20 AM

Design of Selective Brush Chemistry and Surface Functionalization for Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer 
Ji Yeon Kim (UT Austin); Natsuko Ito (UT Austin and JSR Corp.); XiaoMin Yang (Seagate); Stephen M. Sirard (Lam Research); Austin P. Lane (UT Austin); Gregory Blachut (UT Austin and Lam Research); Yusuke Asano (UT Austin and JSR Corp.); Christopher J. Ellison (Univ. of Minnesota); Nathaniel A. Lynd, C. Grant Willson, (UT Austin)
Wednesday, February 27, 9:40 AM

Selective Grafting of Polymer Brushes for Directed Self-Assembly of High-Χ Block Copolymers
Jai Hyun Koh, Ji Yeon Kim, Qingjun Zhu (UT Austin); Natsuko Ito (UT Austin and JSR Corp.); Ryuta Mizuochi (UT Austin and Nissan Chemical Industries); Gregory Blachut (UT Austin and Lam Research); Jan Doise (IMEC); Stephen M. Sirard (Lam Research); Christopher J. Ellison (Univ. of Minnesota); Nathaniel A. Lynd, C. Grant Willson (UT Austin) (Joint session with Novel Patterning Technologies for Semiconductors, MEMS/NEMS and MOEMS)
Wednesday, February 27, 10:50 AM

Design-Process-Technology Co-optimization for Manufacturability

Backside Power Delivery as a Scaling Knob for Future Systems
Bharani Chava, Khaja Ahmad Shaik, Anne Jourdain, Peter Debacker (IMEC); Sofiane Guissi (Coventor); Julien Ryckaert, Geert Van Der Plaas, Alessio Spessot, Eric Beyne, Anda C. Mocuta, Diederik Verkest (IMEC)
Wednesday, February 27, 9:20 AM

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the SPIE Advanced Lithography.

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