Where Atoms Meet: ALD/ALE 2018
Where atoms meet ALD/ALE 2018 crowd graphic
Jul 23, 2018

One of the most important conferences for the atomic layer processing community, the AVS 18th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition featuring the 5th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop, will take place this year July 29–August 1 in Incheon, South Korea. In addition to the fundamental science of atomic layer controlled thin film deposition and etching, the conference will also feature applications, advances in manufacturing, and emerging materials.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) and atomic layer etching (ALE) play key roles in fabricating advanced chips because they can produce features with extraordinary control. These atomic scale processes will almost certainly continue to grow in importance as those chip features continue to shrink to incredibly small dimensions and new device architectures are designed.

Lam is pleased to once again be a platinum sponsor of both the ALD conference and the ALE workshop. We also sponsor the best student paper awards, which were established to recognize outstanding research performed by a graduate student in the fields of ALD and ALE.

You can hear about some of the latest advances from Lam and our collaborators at the following presentations.

ALD 2018 Conference

Atomic Layer Deposition of Si-doped HfO2 Thin Film by using HfCl4, SiCl4 and H2O for FeRAM Device Application
Se-Won Lee, M.-S. Kim (Versum Materials Korea); M. MacDonald, X. Lei (Versum Materials, Inc.); Z. Zhu, A. Yoon (Lam Research); H.K. Yoo, D.I. Suh, Y.S. Choi (SK Hynix)
Monday, July 30, 5:45 PM poster session

Integrated Isothermal Atomic Layer Deposition and Thermal Atomic Layer Etching: “Atomic-Level Processing” for Area-Selective Patterning of TiO2
Seung Keun Song (North Carolina State Univ.); P.C. Lemaire (Lam Research); G.N. Parsons (North Carolina State Univ.)
Tuesday, July 31, 1:30 PM

Investigating the Difference in Nucleation during Si-based ALD on Different Surfaces (Si, SiC, SiO2 and SiNx) for Future Area-Selective Deposition (AS-ALD)
Ekaterina A. Filatova (Tyndall National Institute); A. Mameli, A.J.M. Mackus (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology); F. Roozeboom (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology and TNO); W.M.M. Kessels (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology); D. Hausmann (Lam Research); S.D. Elliott (Schrödinger, Inc.)
Tuesday, July 31, 2:30 PM

In Situ Surface Reaction Mechanism Studies on ZrO2 Atomic Layer Deposition from Tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)zirconium
W. Xu (Colorado School of Mines); K. Sharma, D. Hausmann (Lam Research); S. Agarwal (Colorado School of Mines)
Tuesday, July 31, poster session

Plasma Properties of High Pressure ALD
C. Qu (Univ. of Michigan); P. Agarwal, Y. Sakiyama, A. LaVoie (Lam Research); M. Kushner (Univ. of Michigan)
Wednesday, August 1, 9:00 AM

ALE 2018 Workshop

(Invited) Plasma-assisted Atomic Layer Etching of Si-based Dielectric Films Studied using In Situ Surface Diagnostics
Sumit Agarwal, R. Gasvoda (Colorado School of Mines); S. Wang (Lam Research); R. Bhowmick (Colorado School of Mines); E. Hudson (Lam Research)
Monday, July 30, 2:00 PM

Tuning Etching Characteristics of Plasma-Assisted ALE of SiO2 via Hydrocarbon Precursors
Ryan Gasvoda (Colorado School of Mines); S. Wang, E. Hudson (Lam Research); S. Agarwal, (Colorado School of Mines)
Monday, July 30, 5:45 PM poster session

Benefits of Atomic Layer Etching for Material Selectivity
Thorsten Lill, K.J. Kanarik, S. Tan, I. Berry, V. Vahedi, R. Gottscho (Lam Research)
Tuesday, July 31, 4:00 PM

Complete schedules and registration information can be found on the ALD/ALE 2018 website.

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