Celebrating 40 Years of LRCX on the Nasdaq
May 23, 2024

The year was 1984. The MTV Video Music Awards debuted, Prince released “Purple Rain,” Apple aired its infamous “1984” Macintosh ad...and the process node for manufacturing microchips was about one micrometer. 

Also in 1984: Lam Research went public on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LRCX. That year, our first product—the AutoEtch 480—could handle 60 wafers per hour. The AutoEtch, which debuted in 1981, was one of the first single wafer, load-locked plasma etchers. Its appearance in the market was a landmark event for our company and the industry. Four decades later Lam remains a market-leader and innovator in wafer fabrication equipment (WFE).   

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Hambrech & Quist was one of the initial investors in Lam (

Lam’s debut on the stock exchange marked a pivotal moment in our history and fueled our growth and expansion into a global leader in the semiconductor industry. As we celebrate 40 years on Nasdaq, we honor the spirit of innovation and resilience that has characterized Lam Research over the decades.  

Our continued commitment to advancing WFE technology ensures we keep pace with a rapidly evolving industry, driving semiconductor breakthroughs that will transform our future for decades to come.