Metryx Marks 200th Tool Shipment With Classy Donation
Metryx staff with high school students and teachers
Feb 2, 2023
  • Metryx marked 200th tool shipment by donating science equipment to a local high school 

  • Their tools measure the weight of a silicon wafer before and after processing 

What is Metryx? Metryx develops and builds mass metrology tools for semiconductor manufacturers that monitor changes in a wafer’s mass as it goes through the wafer fabrication process. 

  • Founded in 2000 in Bristol, Lam acquired Metryx in 2014. 

Why it matters: Metryx’s sensitive tools measure the weight of a silicon wafer before and after conducting some processes on the wafer, such as cutting pathways for the integrated circuit. The ability to accurately measure the weight change helps determine whether the operations were correctly completed, so the wafer can move to the next process step. 

  • With Lam's goal of advancing the semiconductor ecosystem and extending the use of our core technologies, Metryx’s tools help drive faster, more accurate transitions in fabs, so they use fewer resources and reduce waste.  

Worth noting: Over the years Metryx has developed a wide range of tools. Last year saw the introduction of Metior HX, including MdC (dynamic Mass Correction), and the launch of HXC (compact, high throughput) as Metryx continues to innovate to meet evolving customer needs.   

By the numbers: To celebrate the shipment of its 200th tool, the Metryx team donated 16 electronics kits and two precision balances to Patchway Community School. (Two Metryx members once attended the school.) The school serves a high percentage of low-income families. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic only 80% of students had access to Wi-Fi at home.  

  • The donated equipment effectively doubles the school’s science budget and expands the capability of what those students can do, including engineering, chemistry, and biology-based learning.  

What’s next: The donation kicked off conversations about how highly engaged Patchway students can learn from and collaborate with some of Metryx’s experts. 


Pictured above from left to right: Darren Lewis (Metryx Supply Chain manager), Dr. Adrian Kiermasz (Metryx co-founder, retired), Sapphire Cheong (student, Patchway community school), Erica Stone (science teacher, Patchway community school), Emily Warren (science teacher, Patchway community school), Andrew Starr (student, Patchway community school), Matt Evans (science team leader, Patchway community school), and Rob Wilby (Metryx co-founder, retired).